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My hardware is a note but my software is a S ?

(Topic created on: 27-06-2021 09:21 AM)
Galaxy Note10 Series

Note 10
As a note fan I would like to share my opinion about one ui and its design ! 
I like that we got curved and more friendly layers of rounded corners every where in the ui ! 
But there is something off about this and is that this corners only good on S series of galaxies, it looks like it's optimized with s series and allowed note series to have the same thing even knowing that they have a different hardware and the amount of roundness on each device is different. As a note fan I would like to give a feedback and share my opinion😀👍 
If the roundess of each window get optimized based on what hardware you have that would be appropriated specifically considering that note cost almost more than s series. 

If you have any other suggestions about this let me down below🙂.

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy Note10 Series
Hey there 3hmxd!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with the community.

I can absolutely see where you're coming from, being a Note user myself 😜.

The Note's are less rounded than the S series handsets, so it would be awesome if this was reflected in software!

Hopefully someone'll pick up on this - maybe it'll be a feature for OneUI 4!

Best wishes,
Tom 🙂