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Mobile Signal/Antenna Issues: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 4G

(Topic created on: 28-08-2021 05:17 PM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

Issue: Receiving basic network signals. Calls/text + 4G
Length of Time: Noticeable since April 2020
Phone: #
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 4G (SM-N975/DS)


I'm having sporadic signal reception, to the point of the phone being almost unusable. I've used Sky Mobile and now using Virgin Mobile, both which piggyback off the O2 network.

Signal status of the TW12 area states reception is available and service good. Last year there were issues with network masts that required months before they were repaired and believed that to be the cause of the issue, as my Note 10+ 4G was receiving decent signal.

I've read some model's of this phone that they were released with faulty antenna's, or their ability to receive signal reduced in order to preserve the battery from overheating. 

Things I've tried to rectify/observe:

  1. Hard resetting phone to factory settings.
  2. Walking various different route both in Urban and rural areas.
  3. Observing friend's phones signal reception (Samsung/Oppo) with various networks (O2/Three) which more often than note have signal/data, or can at least make a call/text.
  4. Contacted Samsung support chat, but suggested to reset phone and see how it goes. 
  5. Reset my Sim toolkit settings.
  6. Manually selected network rather than automatically.
  7. Turned off roaming mode.
  8. Turned off wifi call settings.

At times I may have 3 bars of signal reception, but a message will display on the top screen "Unable to find a network"/"Emergency calls only", or 4G symbol is displayed but can not get internet.
Some links to troubleshooting advice read:

How to Fix Galaxy Note10 Signal Issues (

NFC antenna Galaxy Note 10+ repair - Free guide - SOSav

Does anyone have any experience of this, or other solutions they've tried?

Thanks in advance.

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Galaxy Note10 Series
I have been having internet connectivity problems as well for the past couple of months. Calls and sms seem fine. Thinking of hard resetting it. Did it help yours?
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Galaxy Note10 Series
Hi Dagdervis,

I had reset my phone but it's hard to tell if signal has improved. I doubt that it has. Sometimes sms messages take a while to be delivered with good signal. I have pretty much given up on using 4G with my handset currently.

Some areas near where I live have notoriously bad signal, especially higher landlying areas, but again I may be with someone walking in another area and their reception is ok or at least bearable, and my phones network will display as "emergency services only".

Have ordered an antenna part from Germany, but may take some time to have delivered due to the haulage sector being hit hard.