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Is Note 10 good for business use in Europe? Note 8 is not :(

(Topic created on: 22-10-2019 02:57 PM)
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Is anyone using Galaxy Note 10 in Europe with roaming?


I'm using Galaxy Note 8 and it's a useless phone here, because it constantly disables roaming, by switching to "National roaming only". I switch to "roaming enabled", but it switches it back after some time. It does this when you cross a border of a country, but also on other occasions. It's hard to figure out when. I had a case when it switched roaming to "national only" 3 times in one hour! I cannot count how many times I landed in traffic jams because the phone disabled roaming while I was driving, and the navi did not know traffic status. We have free roaming in EU since years, and this phone is just useless if you're in Europe and you're travelling a lot.


So I would appreciate information, of Note 10 has the same problem. I consider buying it, but will never buy a phone again which has such a basic problem.