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Galaxy NOTE20 Ultra 5g Copy-In to a work profile app does not work

(Topic created on: 16-12-2020 10:03 AM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Issue cannot see and attach photos or files from the personal space to a Work profile resident app. This issue started early October 2020. It is frustrating for a flagship device that this is not functioning correctly.


There is a workaround: I can start from the personal space e.g. photo gallery and use the share icon and select a Work profile app e.g. Outlook. This works so I am not completely stuck but it is very clumsy.


I also have a Samsung Tab S4 and this works as expected i.e. I open an app in the work profile and can navigate using menus to select a file or gallery photo in the personal device space and attach it / copy it into the work profile app. I have seen many other Android devices in the same corporate Intune system that work correctly.


The issue seems to be that the More apps menu item is missing. Instead a The device name is displayed. When selected  a folder tree is displayed for files in the work profile and not the device personal space.


Galaxy Note 20 with issue

Samsung Tab S4 screenshot for comparison which still works. 3dot menu Attach files > Choose from files > Other locations Device > Hamburger menu More apps


Galaxy step1.jpg


S4 step1.png

Folder view displayed

Display from More apps presents personal space items


Galaxy step 2.jpg


S4 step 2.png 


Galaxy Note10 Series
I'd suggest submitting a error report about this via Samsung Members app