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Galaxy Note10+ 4g Italian Version in UK

(Topic created on: 05-05-2020 06:58 AM)
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Hi, just purchased a brand new Note10+ 4g off Amazon in the UK that was sold as a UK model.  When i recieved it the code was for the European/Worldwide Dual Sim model N975F/DS  upon scanning the bar codes on the box it comes up as an Italian market device.

The vendor insists it will work with UK sim and be covered by the Samsung warranty in the UK.  I believe it will work, but is there anything that will not work in the UK? ie. Samsung Pay? will the updates still come through in the UK? Does it have a European plug charger of or UK plug charger (i have not yet broken the seal) is there anything else i need to know before deciding wether to keep it or return it?


Thanks in advance

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Does it say for a European sim card or similar on the box @MF1971 


If it does then Samsung Pay should work but until you cracked it open and boot it up obviously I can't guarantee it.


Check any returns policy before opening it up.


The problem sometimes with resellers is they sell a phone procured from elsewhere and is unlocked to all network's but updates are slower due to its XEU Btu code and because it's been released in another country and then used in yet another country.


If you open it then download the phoneinfo app from the Playstore and it will tell you it's active CsC.


I once wanted to import the Samsung Note Fe into the Uk but unfortunately Samsung Pay wouldn't work.


Google Pay as far as im aware would.


Does the box list the contents to see what plug it is inside. If not you can use an adapter to convert the plug or buy one that you need.


In regards to the Samsung 24 month warranty I wouod suggest to check the small print of sijd warranty to check all exclusions.


Personally I prefer to buy my phones direct from Samsung so I'm not worrying about updates and support.


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