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Double chin ??

(Topic created on: 13/05/21 12:24)
Galaxy Note10 Series
Samung can not offer you a bezelless smartphone for several reasons! 

1. The chin ( on their latest galaxy smartphones the chin is almost twice as the forehead of the phone 
If they manage to make them both identical then Samung phones would be on a crazy sell ! 

2. Edge panel ( if they manage to curve top, button, both sides and and also the corners of the device identical from front then their displays would look absolutely gorgeous! 

3. Software with ANDROID its impossible to forget that there is bezels and a hole ponch on the screen 
Status bar should be floating on apps and navigation bar needs to be transparent ( on some applications the navigation gets a spiteful bar 

4. And the last reason! 

They need a software that will force apps to redesign their apps like what Samsung one ui requires them to be !
Thanks for reading my feedback! If you agree please drop a like 🙂👍

If the forehead and the chin was the same size ( edited image)

Galaxy Note10 Series
I think I'm misunderstanding your post as your 1st two points are on the positive side?
I believe it's possible to have a bezel-less design or extremely close in a few ways. The display doesn't need to be curved to be considered 'bezel-less' because that can be achieved with very thin bezels.
If they find a way to reposition the Ear piece or using actuator style speakers that would be the top bezel sorted but I'm guessing the latter would be too expensive.

The mic is already positioned near the charging port so to get the bottom bezels thinner, they would need to rethink the internal components. They are already working on an under display front facing camera and software would not be a problem since the aspect ratio would be almost identical to what we currently have.
The sides are very easy to do where the corners would pose a greater challenge in my opinion.
I'm just guessing here but I think with a few tweaks it can be done but there may be other factors affecting this which is why I suppose it haven't happened yet.
We can dream still though.
Galaxy Note10 Series
Hey !
Thanks to share your thoughts and opinion 😀👍!!
I'm sorry that I forgot to mention the device could have a *flat display* as an option since there is verity of people who actually prefers flat displays over waterfall displays!