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Apps suddenly closing (minimize) while typing

(Topic created on: 17-02-2020 06:38 PM)

Hey everyone, 

I've been using my Note 10+ for two months now. 

I don't remember it being like this in the beginning but sometimes while I'm typing something - doesn't matter in which app; it can be whatsapp, twitter, instagram, and so on - the app suddenly closes and takes me to the main screen.


Like i wrote in the title, the app minimizes and it keeps running in the background.

It does not crash; i dont get any error messages. 

It's just annoying how im typing something and suddenly im in the main screen. 


In the beginning i thought i keep touching the "back" button while im typing but i made sure i wasnt doing that and the app still minimizes...


Is there anyone that has experienced something similar? 

If so, could you share any solution to this?




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If this was my situation I'd first check to see if there are any app updates in the Playstore.


Then turn my phone off and from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and clear the cache. No info is lost this way.



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I am experiencing this issue and it's quite annoying. I beleive it's due to using the gestures to

- switch apps

- go to home screen

- go "back"


Swiping up from the bottom left, bottom middle, or bottom right of the screen does one of the actions listed above. Whilst typing rapidly (not swiping) it seems to quite regularly perform one of the actions above, usually go back to home screen. It's super annoying. 


I have a Galaxy S20 that I got about a week ago. I could disable the gesture feature and have the fixed buttons instead, but I really like the full screen look.


I think I have the same problem. But do any of you see the blue rectangle on the first app? 20200606_233343.jpg


Thanks on the help! S22 Ultra owner.

I have the same problem!


I've got an s20 (1 week old) and I have swipe gestures on (left, middle, right).

Sometimes I miss the Spacebar and it closes (but im just tapping, not swipe)

However, it also randomly minimises my app when I have my phone on the table and typing with one finger mid-sentence! (Not even pressing Space)


Its really annoying. Are there app minimizing settings or gesture sensitivity options we can toggle with?

Hey Ames, this problem stopped for me when I turned off Swipe-to-text. Maybe you can give that a try if you don't really use the swipe feature! :smiling-face:

Hey thanks for the tip, but I had that function already turned off since i don't like the swipe text 😞

So far I haven't found the solution to this issue yet. 

Same thing here. I haven't found the solution to it yet.. since nothing seems to work i'm thinking the phone is simply defective...
The good thing is that ive managed to screen record the issue so I will take it to the store and see if they have any solution to this. I will keep you posted if i find out anything
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I have a huawei p20 pro mate and I have been experiencing this for a few months, so I don't think it's a Samsung-specific bug.


My phone is up to date.

I don't have gestures enabled.


In my case, to write this post my phone switched several times to either the previous app or the home screen. Also, quite often when I want to write a letter, specially with number 0, it types 9 several times before I get then one I want.


Please share any fixes. This is so annoying it makes me want an iPhone.

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I also have the same problem. And actually, as I am typing this reply right now, the app keeps on minimizing. I thought I'm the only one experiencing this problem.