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USB-C Port Trouble

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Since a few days I've been having a problem with my USB-C port. Playing music with my wired headphones plugged in, the audio will play on the phone speakers instead. Sometimes in the notification area it will keep showing "USB connected" then it will say "USB disconnected" over and over even when nothing is plugged into the port. Sometimes I can't put my phone to sleep because the USB port is constantly connecting and disconnecting on its own, waking up the phone!

I managed to play audio through my headphones today but that only lasted about 10 minutes now it won't work again. Its not a headphone issue as I've tried different pairs. I've restarted the phone so many times and cleared the USB cache. 
Could be a faulty port, before going any further save yourself the trouble by replacing it ASAP. I got the N20U and I do notice a bit of wiggle in the port but no issues regarding connectivity or charging.
Have it checked by Samsung, especially since it's still under the manufacturer warranty.
There are also checks which can be done using the Samsung Members app, I see there is one for the charging port

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

So...dear Samsung..and dear Samsung users...I have the same issue when I plug my earphones from akg thea Samsung so gracefully provided. Hail Samsung...And people please listen...its a software issue and I can prove it . I had the ideea to reset all settings of the phone and the issue went away for two minutes.  ITS A SOFTWARE ISSUE and not hardware wich #Samsung is ignoring.. the only response form them is to send you to service...can you stay whiteout your phone?

Once again HAIL SAMSUNG 

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i have the same issue. have you had yours fixed?
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I think this is a software issue too. No the problem isn't fixed. It comes and goes randomly. Last night it did it again, the USB notification came up and said the charger was plugged in (when it wasn't, only my headphones) I clicked the notification and changed who the controller was (one option said something like "this phone") when I selected that option, it said it couldn't change but after a moment the sound returned to my headphones. This looks like a software issue

I had a similar problem with my "note 20" and I solved it with the specific SAMSUNG USB-C > jack 3.5mm cod. EE-UC10JUWEGWW adapter.

I tried to plug the headphone with the phone using my huawei tablet adapter obtaining the warning "device not supported" with more than a headphone, I think the problem is due to the adapter wiring diagram.


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