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Samsung one ui 3.0 public beta for Note 10?

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I have a galaxy note 10 plus and it seems like I am going to be skipped out of this programme or am I missing something else


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Hi all!


It's arrived! Official announcement/thread for the One UI 3 Beta for open network UK Note10 series: 


(I'll close this thread off so that folks post in that official thread.)

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only flagship devices get the beta, so S20 lineup, you'll have to wait for the final release which will come sometime after all the S20 lineup have been officially released and updated.
does not sound right to me that the s line comes before the note when the note is the tip top of what Samsung make
doesn't matter how it sounds, just look at the facts, the S20 already has a closed beta of it and a public beta on the way before the official release which will probably be late November / early December, the 10 series will be next to see it probably around January / February time next year, it won't require beta testing as that would of already been done on the S20, last year the S10 and S10+ were the flagship devices, the note came a few months after, next year when android 12 is on the cards, I'm sure the S21 will get the beta and S20 users will have to wait for the official release, flagship devices come first, that's the way it's always been with everything, motherboards, smart phones, smart TVs etc etc
I am fairly sure the Note does get the beta option. Didn't they start doing it a year or 2 ago?
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Any news on Note 10+ users accessing the beta? Any dates or anything in the pipeline?
no news yet.
would love to have One UI 3.0 asp 😁 all working
what about the note 9?
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Hi any ideas when 3 Beta is coming to Note 10 ? 
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