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Samsung Note 10+ and DEX at 1440p - how?


So, I have been trying to use Dex for my weekend computer stay.

It is all good, I think I am getting use to it. However I have one issue - I can't run it at 1440p, which is the native resolution of my display. It currently runs only at 1080p (or below), which works, but isn't optimal as it looks funny on my big screen.


How do I get this to work? My Note has the latest 2.5 OneUI.

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So, any idea how to do this?


@CountTuscany: Are you connecting your Note 10+ to your monitor using a USB to HDMI adapter? If so then, on your Note 10+, head to Settings > Display > Resolution, and try switching to WQHD+ to see if this helps. I'd also recommend double checking the monitor's output settings to ensure that it is set up to display 1440p for the relevant HDMI port. 


Yes, I use USB to HDMI adapter, supporting up-to 4k resolution.

Yes, my monitor does support 1440p over HDMI.

Also yes - I am using the phone with WQHD+.


Still - 1440p (or any other resolution for the other aspect ratios) is greyed out.


So, any suggestions? I really want to use my native 1440p resolution.

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