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One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 10 is rolling out for good now AND NOT A DELAY. Seems many not interested anymore.

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the got it right this time

seems many not interested anymore.


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OXM (BTU) firmware ADB side load.

Very easy, I did factory reset after to be nice and clean start. Many are just clearing cache in recovery some not bothering.

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No care if we can apply or not for the beta... I just want an update when someone actually reviews it ! xd

The are YouTube videos of it already


@reapo  link please with note10/10+ and android10 ?

Cause i've not been able to find any yet.

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I'm looking forward to trying it out . Still not available in uk yet. I'll keep checking the members app, hopefully it arrives soon.

UK here available XDA.

Thanks chazey2, does it have to be flash or can you just download and install. I don't think it's available for note 10 plus 5g.

I'm also on the Note 10 plus 5G and haven't received it in the UK yet. 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Hopefully we'll hear more soon. For now I guess we will have to just keep checking the members app.

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