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Note 10 plus OFFICIAL screen protector


Can anyone confirm if I am able to buy official replacement screen protectors for the Note 10 plus in the UK? There are none on the Samsung Online Store ( only for the S10 plus which also came with one pre installed ) and apparently none in the Experience Stores. 

The one that is pre installed will need replacing at some point and I would be interested to continue having the genuine Samsung one.

So far, Samsung UK have not provided a clear answer to this. 


Thank you! 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

@Cosmic730 I'm glad I'm not the only one who's keen on finding the official accessory.

The only Samsung Store in my area does not sell it and the next Store is 100 miles away...


Please keep this post updated with what you find tomorrow morning. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Hi @Mada18 , you are right,  Samsung Store or Samsung Experience Store never have any screen protector for the Note 10 or Note 10+ in any store all around the world. Since i bought my Note 10+ in august 23 , i am looking for it in American , Canadian, France and United kinddom Store and it does'nt exist anywhere...

People need to know than if they don't remove the original Screen protector that came with S 10 or Note 10 , they are SAFE and just have to redo their fingerprints to make it work.

Also, thanks for giving some solution to people and sorry for my english :winking-face:


Many choices are offer on Amazon BUT they are only film and film should have a silicon base...Also, NONE of them are suggest or agree by Samsung...Not easy to decide..(please check the popularity of the Zagg you suggest...the score is 1 on 5)...





Hey @Cassidy007 . Your English is just fine!

I can perfectly understand you. Mine is not perfect either, since it's not my first language.


Yes, there are quite a few screen covers out there, but none of them seem to be Samsung approved. 


The Zagg may have a score of 1 out of 5 but in my opinion, it's been fine since it's been installed and better than the others tried.

Also, I have read the reviews for the official screen protectors for the S10+ and they are very disappointing.

I hope this won't be the case with the ones for the Note 10/Note 10+ :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:


Merci :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB
De rien :winking-face:

Well I rang around a few stores and none of them had any screen protectors. Looking back, when I purchased my Note 10+ 5G I don't think they had any screen protectors at that time either. I don't know if the Note 10 series were the first to have screen protectors applied in the production of the phone. I think the S10 series did have factory installed screen protectors too.


I'm now looking at Zagg further to recommendation and I've found that in the UK you can try looking in Carphone Warehouse and O2. Alternatively there is the Zagg UK online store. I'll just have to see if the screen protector demonstrates the issues as per the reports.

My reasoning for the above is because I'm starting to think that Samsung never made any replacement screen protectors for the Note 10 series. I guess only time will tell. I'm purposely not looking to buy another brand, especially the cheaper ones, until Samsung says otherwise. I will be experimenting at this point and will see if I can replicate the problem using the Zagg screen protector.


I found something very interesting on the Zagg website. The listing for the Invisible Shield Ultra Clear makes reference, in the description, to "Designed for Samsung" but it's unclear if this particular note actually refers to the screen protector itself. It has a * in the description like you would do if you wanted to make a footnote for people to look at. I can't see the original * anywhere on the page for this particular screen protector. I didn't see this on the other two screen protectors they sell for the Note 10+. 


Update: I've purchased the Ultra Clear version from Carphone Warehouse in UK. They only have this version but they've got an offer on accessories 3 for 2. This screen protector cost £19.99.


Any updates from anyone will be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the update @Cosmic730

If you look at page 4 I also mentioned this screen protector. It was applied yesterday noon and this morning the edges have bagun to peel off ..

Found it in Carphone Wearhouse also. 


Otherwise it is the closest I have found to the original one.


Samsung have reassured me today again that this issue is being investigated and they will come back to me with updates as soon as they have them. 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

@Mada18 wrote:

@Cassidy007 Thanks for your input :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

I chatted to Samsung UK via Twitter and wanted to have an official response to this issue, which I got. I did the update and all is well so far.


Related to the Whitestone dome glass which is applied with liquid glue and cured with UV light, Samsung have issued a notice on Samsung Members app which I will add below

Screenshot_20191018-080354_Samsung Members.jpg


I have the Whitestone Dome on my Note 10+.

Whilst that response highlights caution using liquid glue it doesn't relate to the security issue. Do we take it there isn't one? I'm trying to decide whether to install the patch or not, Whitestone protectors are very pricey so I don't want to replace unnecessarily. 


I read concerns earlier in this thread about using Whitestone Dome screen protectors. I have used these on 3 different phones. On two of those phones I've replaced a cracked one, I now buy the 2 pack as I have a disability that can cause me to drop my phone.

So I have installed 5 of these screen projectors, all on Samsung Notes, and there has never been any damage to the screens when removed and nor has the glue gone anywhere but the screen! So I believe that as long as you follow the installation instructions your phone screens are perfectly safe to use. It remains to be seen if they are secure! I'm going to conduct my own little experiment! 

Thanks @Samantha22 for the update.

I'm interested in the Whitestone Dome but have been reluctant to pay the cost for it. I take good care of all my electronics, as I'm sure you all do, but after having my Note 10+ 5G slip of a side table as my cat tried to get to something that was under the phone, having the phone drop a few feet onto the screen glass, I have never been so grateful that there was a screen protector on the phone. I have a case on my Note with what I thought had a reasonable lip around the edge of the screen but saw some small indentations on the factory installed screen protector from debris on the stone floor.

I have used tempered glass screen protectors in the past but since the curved edges came out, tempered glass isn't an option anymore because it doesn't stick to the whole screen like it did with older generations.

I'd be interested to hear of your experiments to see if there are any problems with the fingerprint sensor. I don't know much about liquid screen protectors so I don't know how they feel and whether they would form a barrier like the film or plastic screen protectors, some of which could compromise the fingerprint sensor. I guess until we know more from Samsung, it's a waiting game and maybe trial and error at some great cost. I'm envisaging that if Samsung were to release a screen protector for the Note 10 series, they would cost about the same for the S10 series, currently at £18.

I have used glass screen protectors on my other Note 8 and 9 and they were fine. I've never installed one that uses liquid glue, so it's an uncharted territory for me. What I did notice while watching other do it on YouTube :smiling-face: is that it stays in place once applied and also there appears to be no incompatibility with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.


Keep us updated with your findings please. 


Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Hi @Leopold18, i invite you to check the reviews on the official screen protector that are agree by Samsung especially for the S 10+... For many people Whitestone is one of the best screen protector but  it could be hard to install because of the glue (if you buy it, check and check many times the installation videos and don't forget to put the safety for the glue )..


Personnaly, if i had to remove original screen protector, you can be sure i would install a Whitestone Dome Glass protector...



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