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Note 10 plus making random beeping noise

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So it started yesterday and still doing it today. 

I read in many of last year topics and many ppl had same issue and looks like it was the NFC, not in this case.

Yesterday was so bad that I had to factory reset phone (lost everything but that's a different topic) after factory reset it still keeps going. I have turn off all notifications, uninstall apps and still keeps going.

Plz someone have any clues what's going on or how to fix it?

Also the beeping sound is not even my notification sound that it's by default after reset.




Yes your are right .. culprit was Khaleej Times app...thank you very much for your suggestion otherwise i would have done factory reset of phone...saved my 2 days of work


Yes ...khaleej time application..was the culprit thank you


yes. it was khaleej time. just uninstalled.

yes. it was khaleej time. just uninstalled.

My note 10 plus just started doing it. I cant figure it out. What's the Khaleej Times app? I dont think I have that app. Its driving me insane. 

Thanks for me, toggling the NFC solved the issue.

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Thanks, for me toggling the NFC stopped the beep 

i have same problem on my note10+

When I bought my new Note10+ then after 5 days later, it started to beeping and to change the "ringing volume level" randomly and automatically.


I have the same problem and switching off NFC didn't help. Don't have KT App either. I have not found a solution in this thread except to go to Safe Mode and if the beeping stops then, then you know it's an app you've added. And as a 2nd step go back to normal mode and delete the most recent apps you've added one by one, to see if that fixes the problem. Is that right?

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