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Note 10 cracked screen


A month old. From day 1 in Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and last two weeks with Whitestone dome screen protector. I took it from the pocket in the evening (i was driving with the car before when i put it in the pocket after a call and it was ok) and found this. It cracked above the power button throughout the whole screen. The crack on the screen protector above that one was made by me, when i was checking if the screen actualy cracked. The screen and touch still works fine. How is this even possible, that the screen cracks inside the front pants pocket by itself? Aren't phones designed for carrying them in pocket? There was nothing else in the pocket that could cause the crack and also, the crack started at the very beggining of the glass 2 mm inside the case. I found some simillar cases of spontaneus cracks in the same way on the Samsung phones on the internet. It looks like manufacture defect, but how to proove it to the Samsung service center? I have had only Samsung phones until now and also in the family we have 3 more and not even 1 had a broken screen until now. I will certanly rethink my brand decision if i will have to pay for apparent manufacturing defect even for the price of loosing S-pen.

The realy expensive phone is becoming even more expensive...



True..   makes sense..  but there are many people in this group who have clearly received a defective Note10+ that are mostly cracking from from power button areas across the screen.  Samsung admits it and covers it for some, and denies others.   All photos uploaded pretty well look like the same break.  My cracked sitting on a table.   They replaced it.  Had it 5 days and found it on my work desk cracked with the same exact break.  They covered it again.  The 3rd unit was sent to me with the waterproof seal half stuck out of the top of the phone.   The 4th Note10+ I sold.  I was glad to see the nightmare go.   I pulled a brave move and tried Samsung one last time.  Got the Ultra.  108MP camera..  blurry pics.  My Huawei Mates Pro took a million times better photos.   Samsung isn't a hero for everyone.  Glad it works for you.  Have a good one.  

Huawei Mate20 Pro*

My S20+ has been good to me. My gf still has her Note10+ without problems but I'll never go back to a phone that thin. 

I hear ya. Loving how thick they are now.  Very sturdy.


I have had several phone including all kind of Samsung and Apple and this has been the most fragile phone ever. After few months of use it cracked while in my pocket! And it cracked more while it fell from about one feet !!!

So upset with the quality!

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i can't believe it  i pay 1000 dollars svmsung note 10 easy broken screen  i have case covered  . When i get in car my phone just fails out floor and breaks  so bad 👎 note 10 

what case are you using?
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This is a depressing thread. 

I put my Note 10+ down for 2 minutes on a wooden bench, picked it up and it has the same cracks as everyone here is mentioning. 

do I pay £100 and claim on phone insurance, pay £260 and let Samsung fix it or fight them and try to make them realise it is a design fault?

Plastic screen protector was perfectly fine and the case was also.


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Same here. Ive been having my note 10 just a little over 10 months now. Paid over 1,000 dollars for it. I bought the sturdiest phone case I could find to protect this product. I made sure the sides and edges of the case would stick out further then the screen would. So far the phone protector has worked great and has done its job. Last night I was laying on my bed and I was using my perfectly good phone to shop for shoes online. When I realized my two sons could also enjoy an extra pair of shoes. I get up, put the perfectly good phone in my pocket and walk straight to the boys room. I sit on their well cushioned bed and ask them to look for the sizes on their shoes so I could buy the next size up. 30 seconds later they tell me their size. So, I pull out my phone from my pocket to order the right size and to my surprise I had a visible crack on the side of my phone. Right next to the power button. I was really confused on how my screen cracked and could not find explanation for this. So, I went to google to help me try to find some sense. Now I am here and know there is a defect with this phone. My theory is that because the power button and volume keys are in one side and also next to each other. That throughout time from us putting pressure from turning on/off phone and turning up/down the volume. It eventually results in a crack near that area. This fragile area in our phone is obviously not our fault as consumers and is obviously a defect. We should not have to pay 400+ to fix the screen or be forced to buy a new phone. I cannot afford to buy a new phone every year. I have done everything in my part to keep this phone safe from damages. I am going to call samsumg and try to get help. But, I am pretty confident they will deny any defect and give me the run around. I have attached pictures to show the crack near the power button and pictures that show my sturdy case. I have been a loyal costumer of samsung but If I dont get help from they I am going to forced to move elsewhere.







Like most of you, took my phone out of my pocket one day to find the screen had cracked near the volume buttons, have no clue to how this had happened as the phone has never been dropped. Has a Spigden armor casing and Whitestone dome glass screen protector which is completely intact, very dissapointed that this has happened because I take great care of my phone, don't think I'll ever buy another samsung phone because of this 😞viber_image_2020-12-07_21-15-24.jpg

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