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Note 10 cracked screen


A month old. From day 1 in Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and last two weeks with Whitestone dome screen protector. I took it from the pocket in the evening (i was driving with the car before when i put it in the pocket after a call and it was ok) and found this. It cracked above the power button throughout the whole screen. The crack on the screen protector above that one was made by me, when i was checking if the screen actualy cracked. The screen and touch still works fine. How is this even possible, that the screen cracks inside the front pants pocket by itself? Aren't phones designed for carrying them in pocket? There was nothing else in the pocket that could cause the crack and also, the crack started at the very beggining of the glass 2 mm inside the case. I found some simillar cases of spontaneus cracks in the same way on the Samsung phones on the internet. It looks like manufacture defect, but how to proove it to the Samsung service center? I have had only Samsung phones until now and also in the family we have 3 more and not even 1 had a broken screen until now. I will certanly rethink my brand decision if i will have to pay for apparent manufacturing defect even for the price of loosing S-pen.

The realy expensive phone is becoming even more expensive...



I hope so too!  I'm still in shock that it happened to me again 5 days later.  Thankfully I have a back up phone!

I have literally had my note10 for 7 days and I set it on the table and the top right corner of my screen cracked. I have that liquid screen protector that the store recommended since they didn't have any tempered glass. Put a stronger case on it 3 days ago and now this happens. Literally have not dropped it, had it in my pocket with anything else, or done anything other than switch cases. Then I set it on the table and it cracks? Not happy at all.

Makes me so angry.  I hope you all don't have to go through the war that I did to get my replacements.  They should recall those phones.  Mines sold as soon as it gets back from their repair center.  100% done with Samsung.  Sorry to hear this happened to you as well.  Good luck.  

Samsung said they won't do anything to repair it. I had it out with them for the last 2 days. I also will never buy another samsung and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to never by a samsung again. I will never again support this company with ANYTHING they produce.

Same. I had this phone in a otterbox case (the cheaper one, but still a reputable case), and it fell from my pocket while sitting in a child's chair. It was about a 14 inch fall, and it cracked the bottom corner. I couldn't believe it. A 14 inch fall? I've had plenty of phones in cheap or no cases that have fallen way worse than that and they all did fine. Now the upper part of the screen is not responding to touch like 5 months later, but since I have a crack on the bottom corner they won't fix the unrelated issue. So they make these ridiculously fragile phones and if you get a small scratch on them your warranty is done. No thanks, not sure what my next phone will be, but never in my life will I buy samsung again. 

Maybe i'm being a little conspiracy theorist here, but I never understood why phones have glass backs, but now it makes more sense, any way to not have to work on a warranty claim is better for them.

I can't believe how easy it was to crack the corner of my screen.. cracked it less than a week from owning it.

Definitely the Note 10 (plus) is more fragile than my older Samsung phones. I love how powerful it works, but disappointed on the durability. Luckily for me the crack is very minor in the corner so it doen't bother me too much..

Just wondering.. does anyone know what Samsung charges for repairs nowadays?  A year ago it was $300 for this phone.  (my coworker cracked his very quickly as well by dropping it without a case on asphalt)

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My Samsung note 10 plus phone is only 6 weeks old And I bought it at Best Buy. I have only made one payment so far and now my screen is also cracking and peeling blocking everything in its way I cannot see beyond the black and it is getting worse. This is terrible I'm not sure who to turn to. This song was very expensive almost $1000

My note plus cracked screen on the right center corner of the screen  while in my front pocket during work.  I didn't bump to anything  that I know of. This  weird trying check my email  saw screen cracked.  Expensive phone 📱  this should not happen.

Not sure how you people are using your smartphones some saying they dropped them and you have no case on them what are you expecting to happen its glass and not all glass is the same some is real durable while other is pure fragile! Some of you are saying it was in your pocket front back etc are you people wearing tight skinny jeans ? I've dropped my note 10+5G plenty of times spen goes flying out it has never cracked on me but I do have a case on it same for my note 9 its droped lost track no cracks same again I got a case on it I've even dropped my tablet on concrete again no cracks i have a case on it people you purchase a 1000+ device  and you won't put a case on it thats just asking for it and the first pic where the glass has broken by the button it so abvious that phone was in a skinny tight jean when he or she sat down the pressure bent the phone from middle outward that's why it cracked and never put your phone in your pocket with the screen facing outwards that's asking for a cracked screen!

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