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Note 10 cracked screen


A month old. From day 1 in Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and last two weeks with Whitestone dome screen protector. I took it from the pocket in the evening (i was driving with the car before when i put it in the pocket after a call and it was ok) and found this. It cracked above the power button throughout the whole screen. The crack on the screen protector above that one was made by me, when i was checking if the screen actualy cracked. The screen and touch still works fine. How is this even possible, that the screen cracks inside the front pants pocket by itself? Aren't phones designed for carrying them in pocket? There was nothing else in the pocket that could cause the crack and also, the crack started at the very beggining of the glass 2 mm inside the case. I found some simillar cases of spontaneus cracks in the same way on the Samsung phones on the internet. It looks like manufacture defect, but how to proove it to the Samsung service center? I have had only Samsung phones until now and also in the family we have 3 more and not even 1 had a broken screen until now. I will certanly rethink my brand decision if i will have to pay for apparent manufacturing defect even for the price of loosing S-pen.

The realy expensive phone is becoming even more expensive...



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This is the damage. Very similar to what happened to my partner

Are you saying that this has not had a bump of some kind ?   Looking at the picture i cant see how this kind of damage could occur unless it had been hit in some way.  Perhaps it was in front pocket with the screen facing outwards and you bumped nto the side of a desk or a kitchen unit. 


It seems like this area of the screen may be a weak point, but looking at your picture it seems unlikely that damage could have happened on it's own.   


Suggest contacting Samsung directly with details of your problem. 


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My note 10 + also cracked for no reason. There's 1mm circular crack at the centre of the screen. As I was waiting for the screen protector, so I just put the phone on the table. 1 week later, I found this crack dot on the screen before I put the screen protector. So wired


No it was under screen protector (no impact mark on screen protector) its a stress crack from improper install /design

Agree, mine also cracked without impact. 

Hi everyone,


3 weeks ago on my note 10 (while It was charching battery with official powercharger), I saw that under plastic cover protective there was a strange stractch.


So I removed the plastic cover protective and I discovered that my Glass screen had this scratch.


I'm surprised because I never fall down my phone!




Screenshot_20191222-121419_Photo Editor.jpg


Look's  exactly like mine. Crack starts at the power button, goes left and right and one long across the screen. Of course possibility that the phone had a manufacturing defect doesn't even remotely exist for Samsung even if glass brakes at exactly the same place on more phones without affecting digitizer and AMOLED itself.

Hi guys!

For all cracked screens we have to advise popping into your local Samsung Support Centres. If it is something that has happened on its own, the engineers will be able to assess and let you know what they can do for you.



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This just happened to My phone right next to the top volume button. I went into the convenient store and came out and it was cracked. Didn't drop and didn't sit on it. Fken trash &$1000 phone. It also has a screen protector and a durable case.123_1.jpeg


Lies this ***** is breaking as easy as gorilla glass 1

Oh the Irony. I already have the second broken screen on Note 10 plus.


This time it was my fault. It fell out of my pocket (small pockets) on the concrete stairs, then out of the Spigen's S - View case because the edges of case broke off (bad design) and then again without a case 1 meter lower on the concrete floor. Needles to say it cracked exactly on the famous edge screen, but this time on the lower right side. Screen still work's and i don't even intend to replace it unless if it stops working because preaplied screen protector is still quite ok. 


If Samsung won't make flagships with normal screens in the future then this will be my last Samsung. I't just unbelievable how fragile this  thing is and also there is no practical way to protect it if you work in hard environments.

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