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Dark mode causes spell check suggestions to be invisible in Samsung Email

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I wish I could post a screenshot. When Dark Mode is on, regardless of any other display setting or themes, the spell check suggestions -not above the keyboard- but the drop down when you tap an underlined word that has been flagged for being misspelled. When I turn off dark mode the words are visible. 


Interesting is that there ARE words in the drop down. If I tap randomly in the box, a replacement word gets inserted. Is there any way to make Samsung Mail a dark mode exception? I shouldn't have to turn off dark mode to fix one app, and a Samsung pre-loaded app at that!

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Hi @Blairware 


This is what I see on my Samsung Note10+ 5G.


I use Dark Mode and the stock Samsung email app. 

Dark Mode Applied.Dark Mode Applied.


Stock Samsung email app.Stock Samsung email app.

You're right the words are very hard to see for correction.You're right the words are very hard to see for correction.

Personally If the word does not auto correct naturally I use the words that appear at the top of the keyboard to manually correct the word.


You could raise a bug report with Samsung through the Samsung Members App.


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My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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