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Cool SPen feature




I have just noticed what I think may be a new feature of the Note 10+ spen.  Then again it may just be something I hadn't noticed on my Note 9.


I use my Note to create Artwork I primarily use Artwork as I find it to be the most intuitive, however the feature I have found doesn't work in Artflow.


I occasionally use Infinite Painter because some of the brushes are really good.


Anyway in Infinite Painter when the SPen is tilted to the side the brush size increases depending on the angle of the tilt - just like a pencil would behave if you tilted it to the side to do shading.


The reason I think this may be a new feature is that the Note 10 spen nib is fatter at the base than the Note 9 one - more like an actual pencil.


On the other hand I couldn't see this documented anywhere which makes me think it may have always worked that way and is maybe just a feature of Infinite Painter which I hadn't noticed - either way it's pretty cool.


If someone could test this on the Note 9 just to satisfy my curiosity that would be great.


I am starting to think that it has always worked this way I just mustn't have noticed before.

I have just been exploring the features in Infinite Painter and the control that you have over the brushes is insane.


tilt was available before. if the old tablets and phones to use the new stylus from tab s3 and wysk then there will be a noticeable tilt. Infiniti painter has an *****ic system for setting up brushes, I can't figure it out. in General, you need a YouTube channel for training infiniti painter! especially the creation of brushes! And the built-in library of brushes without ograblenie useless. therefore, you need to create a page where you can save numbered and described brushes. and how I would like to have a ruler with markup there. Well, my hand is not full yet, but I have to work, I have to climb with a plastic ruler on top of the most expensive Android tablet, isn't it wild?


Hi Maksimum8


It is a bit clunky, out of all the art apps my favourite by far is Artflow, it is far more intuitive.  It's a shame Artflow doesn't take advantage of the tilt.


I like the way you can test your customised brushes in the top section as you are tweaking them.  


What your favourite art app?




I like the brush settings in ibispaint you can draw very thin very thick strokes. in infiniti painter, I like tools. vvezde I would like to add a line of markup. sometimes I use Design to create masks for games. I would like to have synchronization. there is a note 10+ and a laptop. but this is a real hassle and headache to throw it all over. you can't save soaz to the desired folder. Why should I save it separately in the program ? in the future, I plan to buy a pH zbook x2 laptop. very cool form factor. it is a pity that Samsung does not do this, I would like to have the same context menu as on Samsung with styluses. but Samsung doesn't even sell their laptops in Russia. it makes me angry. but hp has a global warranty, and it doesn't matter where I bought it. and what's even cooler, it's a 3-year warranty. and it has the same stylus without batteries as Samsung. you don't have to buy more. you can use any Samsung stylus.Screenshot_20200226-104038_One UI Home.jpgIbispaintIbispaintPainterPainterHp zbook x2Hp zbook x2

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