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Wide Angle Pro mode

(Topic created on: 02-07-2020 09:44 AM)

I love the Galaxy Note 10+ cameras, but I hate that in Pro mode there is only control for the main camera, without any possibilities for the other two cameras. Would it be possible in the near future to be able to change cameras in Pro mode and be able to obtain RAW / DNG files with the Super Wide Angle, Wide Angle and Telephoto?
Thank you!


I doubt it will ever happen... :fishing-pole-and-fish:

and yeah there's no crying smiley on this forum so i decided that a fishing pole would do the job.


Hey Samsung, please add additional lens usage for the Pro camera mode.  It's not very "Pro" to only be able to use one lens.  😉


@DulyNoted I heard that they will make it available on the S11 / S20 series, so who knows maybe after they are released they will give it to us, poor people with a Note 10, too.

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I doubt it will ever happen. I've seen people (including myself) looking for this since the Note 8, with lots of people asking for it in the forums, but I don't think Samsung actually reads this stuff or really cares. I would go for a P30 Pro in a heartbeat if I could get one here in the states.

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Hey all,

The interesting thing is on my Note 8 I could select std camera mode and choose one of the two camera options... then when switching to pro mode it would stay on the lens selected... It's definitely just a software thing cos it did previously work. On my Note 9 it worked on an early version but after an update (I can't recall which) it stopped working. Completely pointless without being able to use pro mode on all lenses... it's kinda a no brainer which makes me wonder why it's not available...

Please enable this feature ASAP!!!!



Sorry, but Pro mode is for amateurs.

If you want professional photos, use the automatic photo mode 😉

Below is a photo (automatic mode of the basic camera, 6.0 mm lens focal length) and there is no chance to do it in Pro mode. Yes, it's sarcastic 🙂

But of course I want to have a manual lens switch at Pro mode.

Auto - tele lensAuto - tele lens

Exif: Filename - 20200701_212510.jpg
ImageWidth - 4032
ImageLength - 3024
Orientation - Right top
YCbCrPositioning - Centered
XResolution - 72
YResolution - 72
ResolutionUnit - Inch
Make - samsung
Model - SM-G965F
Software - G965FXXU9ETF5
DateTime - 2020:07:01 21:25:10
ExifOffset - 225
ExposureTime - 1/33 seconds
FNumber - 2.40
ExposureProgram - Normal program
ISOSpeedRatings - 100
ExifVersion - 0220
DateTimeOriginal - 2020:07:01 21:25:10
DateTimeDigitized - 2020:07:01 21:25:10
ShutterSpeedValue - 1/33 seconds
ApertureValue - F 2.39
BrightnessValue - 3.14
ExposureBiasValue - -1.10
MaxApertureValue - F 2.39
MeteringMode - Spot
Flash - Not fired
FlashPixVersion - 0100
ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
FocalLength - 6.00 mm
SubsecTime - 0276
SubsecTimeOriginal - 0276
SubsecTimeDigitized - 0276
UserComment - 
ColorSpace - sRGB
ExifImageWidth - 4032
ExifImageHeight - 3024
SceneType - A directly photographed image
CustomRendered - Normal process
ExposureMode - Auto
White Balance - Auto
DigitalZoomRatio - 0.00/0.00 x
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm - 52 mm
SceneCaptureType - Standard
Contrast - Normal
Saturation - Normal
Sharpness - Normal
InteroperabilityOffset - 815

Thumbnail: - 
ImageWidth - 512
ImageLength - 384
Compression - 6 (JPG)
Orientation - Right top
JpegIFOffset - 923
JpegIFByteCount - 9273




It would be nice indeed, just take a picture in auto and compare with the same in pro and you will notice much more details and much less artifacts in pro mode. Maybe is not only a software update but the harware control limitation of the sensors, I don't know. If it's only a software updade, very bad from samsung side. I guess I bought all Samsung phones since the first Omnia and overall I'm satisfied,  but at this time a pro mode in all sensor is the minimum Samsung should do.


@bether @MarcoLeo66  Actually Samsung seems to take the opposite route.

In OneUI 2.5 RAW API is not available for front cam while it was the case before. Means they wont release pro mode either for front cam, and i bet no chance to be available for ultra wide.

I can understand for tele lens though as if i'm not mistaking it mixes digital zoom and optical and the post processing might be more complicated and they might not be able to provide a simple raw out of these. Dunno... But for ultra wide that's a big mistery.


I find a Gcam xlm file that allow to use the ultra wide lens but the noise is terrible and I did not find any way to solve it. At least Samsung should allow user to modify the post process weight (contrast and so on) in the auto mode to have the images  a more natural look.


@MarcoLeo66  If you found a version that works with it, either you're rooted with modified lib files, or you use a very old version that uses the jpg and not the raw, which means that it cannot process properly and that would explain why it is bad quality, since the raw api is not enabled/permitted by samsung for ultra wide for 3rd party apps.