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Water damaged note 20 ultra

(Topic created on: 15-08-2022 08:12 PM)
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I recently took my Note 20 Ultra in a fresh water lake to film some under water stuff. All filming was just below the surface so definitely not more than 1.5m deep. The phone was also only submerged for maybe 10 seconds.
Straight away I noticed the camera lense inside had some condensation inside as well as the selfie camera and flash light.
The phone otherwise was working as normal. In the next half hour the NFC stopped working followed by the torch staying on constantly regardless of being switched on or not.
After that I tried drying the phone and later on I put it on charge as it was dead.

It charged up fine but the next issue was that it did not recognize the sim. I used a hairdryer on cold setting to try and dry the phone when off. The phone at this point was at 50% battery.

Woke up the next morning and the phone was totally dead. All I got for days is the grey circle with lighting bolt when trying to charge.

Today the phone powered on for the first time, I charged the phone for a bit then the screen went blank. Seems like the phone is on now but the screen won't come on.

The only other thing I notice is that the torch is on constantly as soon as the device is powered on.

So after that wall of spam is there any coming back from this? Or is the phone done for?

I looked on Samsung official repair who quoted £1000 for water damage 😂
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There's obviously still some water in there.
Well I think I would try taking the sim card tray out and leaving the phone in somewhere warm like an airing cupboard for a few days.
Trouble is that the moisture can corrode connections and short things out.
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Best practice would be to not turn it on and use the rice method and leave it in a warm place like an airing cupboard.

Unfortunately as the phone is water resistant and not waterproof then if water does get into the phone and causes issues the Limited 2 year Samsung Manufacturers Warranty wouldn't cover a free repair.

That said you can as a Samsung Service Centre to assess the phone and come back to you with a costing.

You can then make an informed decision whether the repair cost outweighs the actual cost of the phone / replacement option @JeffJefferson11 

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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