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Virus Going Around On Smartphones

(Topic created on: 24-05-2021 06:10 PM)


Hi Guys Just a quick note to let you all know as the title says VIRUS.
The other day I started to notice my phone jumping to a different page or going back to the last tab I opened, VERY strange as I thought that I was accidentally pressing down to hard or it was my note pen, 
I then went on to Outlook and my university outlook sign in page then just looking though emails then my uni emails then I went onto drive and I suddenly seen that my phone had "Sharing with" I thought that's strange as am very tech savy have 2FA across most off my apps or email or FB etc... So am always scanning my phone or looking on FB settings to see we're am logged in and if it says logged in with Note 20 ultra and I only see it logged in on FB Am using or the messenger am using am OK if (My GF logged on to hers as she hadn't a clue about logins and there was around 15 logins some not on her Phone but some on a Linux or a desktop) CHECK YOU FB LOGGINS GUYS AND GIRLS AND ALSO, AUTHORISED LOGGINS AS YOU DON'T GET A CODE SENT TO YOUR PHONE ON THAT SETTING).

Anyway LINK SHARING I always have off and always check it not regularly but every so often and am not joking there was a LINK SHARING with my daughters nans name (She lives 270 miles away).
I then went to emails Outlook and there was emails opened and read I hadn't done then I turned link sharing off and then it logged me out of outlook could get back in as password had been changed and 2FA was not working,
Looked though my network, apps every setting on my phone Certain different phone settings were switched off and then my Gmail account I couldn't get into PASSWORD incorrect so had to put forgot password but then as I had 2fa turned on it wasn't sending myself a text message.....
So many weird things was happening there was no way My x partner ls mums was link sharing as she wouldn't know what to do.. 

Am not going to keep going but when i finally managed to get into my Gmail and Outlook my telephone number had changed it had been spoofed I believe though Skype that I haven't used in years and years.
Done a security check on my phones built in came back with Nowt done one with bitdefender came back with nothing.
In the end I reset my phone to factory reset and put it in to safe mode to have a look at the apps and what permissions they had very important don't go to play store and get a app and give it as many permissions as it wants as some don't need your microphone or media files.. 

In the end I looked though on safe mode Mobile android virus and there's a couple going around...
Not sure what mine was but there is one that effect your phone from someone else's phone or laptop etc and then from your phones goes to one of your contacts phones and away it goes taking what it want to be honest lucky my bank was OK but card was frozen and replaced anyway.

So thought I would let you know

SCREENSHOT attached iff the link sharing and before someone says "You sure it was a virus" 

Positive so am just letting people know to either download a virus protection on your phone as the amount of people who I know hasn't is a lot. 

Do A Scan Look For Anything Untoward With Your Phone Get 2FA On All Your Accounts Change Your Password Don't use the same password again and again use a password manager or get your self a TITAN security key from amazon update your phone numbers check FB logins and use 2FA on that if you don't k ow what the login is log out change password and look for authorisated logins as you won't get a text message or code with them. 
Go do a privacy check... 

Hope it help even one person.. 




Thanks Simon 😊
No problems hope you will be safe as long as it reaches out
Big Cheese
Thanks indeed Simon. During lockdown especially these scammers and hackers and technoparasites seem to have moved their sh#tty games on to another level.. We need to do the same with our security awareness obviously.. 👍👍

Hi we do indeed of they can bring americas oil line to a stop and bring banks to a stop.

. Am very sure they can go in a phone even doing your device scan that build in and play protect and mafee anti virus, They are not picking these sort of virus up at all,


I have just download a app that I was looking at and it very very good up to know as before you get to a Web page it will scan the URL to make sure the page is safe and it also shows you the permissions off your apps and what the app permissions should be but we give permission for apps to use our cameras and also microphone and if a credit card company if you apply online can see you for a quick second or two once your waiting for the yes or no then am sure apps surely can.



So yes if you apply for a credit card if you read the card company's security and fraud it tell you on there that it will look at you for a quick sec to make sure it's you and also microphone I only found this out a few weeks ago.