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Samsung Notes app and editing notes / files

(Topic created on: 03-05-2021 02:58 PM)

I wrote before about there being two different logics to where Samsung note app notes are stored whether within the app or outside of it which seems odd!

Where are S Note (Samsung Note) doc's stored 

But now I've found another issue whilst editing different documents which suggests the app is pretty poorly thought out.

If I accept the default suggestion,  the title of my note becomes the "file" name when I save it (lets say title1) within the Samsung notes app.  I can then choose to save it outside the app - so its visible in My Files - if I choose the type Samsung Notes file its a "title1".sdocx file.  However if I then want to edit this file, whilst I can open it from the Samsung Notes app this doesn't update the existing .sdocx (file2) file but instead creates a new note within the Samsung Notes app - illogical.

What's even more illogical - even if the initial file name within the Notes app is unchanged, it does not apply new edits to "title1" but creates "title3" within the app again!

If you want to update the standalone note file you need to save as again, and annoyingly you can't save over the existing / same "title2".sdocx file - system stops you saying file is in use - so you have to create another duplicate (title4) and then separately delete the old file (title2)

Presumably others have noticed this? - I bet there are a lot of duplicate files about!!

It really isn't good design...some save as menus should really be titled "export" because that's what they're doing... Logic of save and save as should change.....Lots of messy shortcuts which need fixing IMO.   Thoughts????

First Poster

Hi, just got the s22... notice the same issue. Anyone found a workaround..  This makes samsung notes useless for any real usage.

Am guessing need to download a text editor... though really like the hand written to text function in samsung notes. Can't see another app that has this.