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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra OverHeats and Screen Problem after updating the latest software

(Topic created on: 03-05-2024 08:38 AM)

Here are some unsatisfied complaints of overheating after the latest software updates for the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G:

* **"I have been experiencing overheating issues with my Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G since the latest software update. The phone gets hot when I am using it for basic tasks such as checking messages, browsing the web, or sometimes even is not in use but kept in the bag. I have tried resetting the phone to factory settings, but the problem persists. I am very disappointed with this phone. I have never had a phone overheat like this before, and I am not happy that I am having this problem with a such a high specs, expensive, generally quite the latest branded phone."**
* **"I am also experiencing overheating issues with my Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G after the latest software update as at 18th July 2023. The phone screen suddenly has a green vertical line across the screen immediately after my software updates. I have tried disabling all of the background apps, restarting the phone and tried all that adviced by the customer service personnel, but the problem still persists. As i recalled, the last updates started to cause my phone overheating, and now the latest updates cause my screen to have problem. I am very concerned about the safety of my phone. I do not want the phone to overheat and catch fire or suddenly dies on me. I have contacted Samsung customer service, but they have not been able to help me resolve the issue. As far as i have tried to reach to the CEO email complaints, all they ask is to generate more of their parts sales by changing the screen and battery pack. Note that i have just changed the battery pack a month ago"**
* **"I have been a Note users since Note 2 existed, and I have only been using this Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G for only less than 2 years, and the lifespan ends so quickly. Nowadays, the phone that we are paying with such expensive price, even more pricier than a laptop, but lifespan is getting shorter and shorter.

I have not been able to find a solution to this problem, and it is starting to become a major inconvenience."**

The impression of the Authorize Customer Service Centre that portrays is just merely to increase their Sales Figure by causing more problem to the users with their software updates and gets the customers to either change the expensive parts or change the entire phone!


I was really very disappointed with the backwards technology that Samsung is now projecting to the Consumers 

I hope to gets some feedbacks from the Note Users if these are the common issues they are facing as well? 


Its in Malaysia. Only for certain Samsung models. Only do a labor charge payment of RM80. A notice came out from Samsung Malaysia.