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Samsung deliberately is disabling superfast on truly capable PPS 3 25w third party chargers and some of it's own

(Topic created on: 21-09-2023 09:19 PM)

Hello everyone.

It is my first post here. until now  I was  just a reader of the forum but now I felt the need to post the truth about Samsung’s greed and very unfair behavior.

It has come to my attention that with the newer updates or recent phone models, more third party 25w chargers that could superfast the phone easily before, suddenly just show fast charging.

When I use a usb meter at the output of the chargers, the meter measures about 23 at first few seconds and goes to 20.5 to 21 or 22 stable, depending on the phone model.

I have tested a52,a34,a54 and the greedy and unfair behavior is obvious.

even some older official chargers of Samsung have this problem. those that came with note 10 ultra for example. Samsung is forcing us to buy it's newer chargers again even when we truly don't have to.

The tested chargers are actually charging the phones at 20w+ so they are superfast but the phone just shows fast charging. Even some official chargers of Samsung are now like this. what the hell? The chargers all have exact Samsung compatible pps 3 profiles.

The question is why should a charger which is very capable of superfast, only shows fast charging? Why Samsung is cheating on the users and forces them to buy it’s own newer chargers. Why not just artificially limit other chargers to 10w slow charging greedy Samsung huh?

Please pay attention that I have tested at least 5 chargers,2 of them officials that came with note 10 ultra and a72.3 others were third party chargers. all fail to show superfast. chargers that perfectly pass pps3 25w test. I used 3 official cables of 3 phones with the same result.

It’s PPS 3 after all and I MEASURED the damned chargers. All of them easily output 25w at pps when I test them with triggering capable testers and resistive loads. when they are charging the phones ,they easily output 20 watts to 23 and just stabilizes at about 20.5 to 22ws. it is not the case of just one charger or one is very broad and obviously a deliberate behavior by Samsung.

I hope there is some chance that Samsung corrects this wrong and greedy behavior toward is really unfair. Hope someone from Samsung sees this. hope others like me come here and speak and show their unhappiness about this behavior. Hope it spreads so people around the world are informed about this very bad move by Samsung.



Big Cheese
my s22 charges fine with anker cable and plug, super fast charges steadily

hey man thanks for your help. happy to hear you charger show superfast. the problem is that a a lot of truly capable superfast chargers are just showing fast charge. Samsung is doing somethin g fishy here. charger actually charge at superfast speed about 20 to 22 but they just show fast charge. those chargers can easily supply 25w and must show superfast.


I noticed this behavior too on my S20 and was wondering how I was getting what appeared to be a superfast charge (based on "time left until full") yet only being reported as connected to a "fast charger".  The port I was connected to in the charger supported PPS but was limited to 22w max, and it was pulling that.  My guess is if it doesn't pull at least 25w its considered only a "fast charge", no matter the protocol it uses.  Anything 25w and over is "super fast" and over some other limit, perhaps 30w, it's "super fast 2.0".  That's just my speculation of course based on observation.