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Samsung Customer service are not straightforward

(Topic created on: 20-07-2021 11:52 PM)
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Dear All, 

A strange experience I love to share with you, I bought a phone from eBay as a new phone with a warranty; I contacted Samsung to verify the registration of the phone. Still, each customer service telling me a different story. 

The irony when I told them can you put this in writing; they answer me no; we can only give a reference number. 

Is this network providing only verbal information, and no one knows if this is 100% correct?

The aim of contacting Samsung is to know if my phone is under UK warranty? So is there a Samsung website I can check my phone if it is under UK warranty or no. 


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Samsung Customer service is a liar; this fact was discovered after buying a manipulated phone from eBay.  The phone has a fake IMEI number install, Samsung customer service lies, and they told me that we arrange a phone fix for your phone, However, no email from them at all. I tried booking online and I got the message that the IMEI number is not valid. Samsung customer service has hidden this fact and aims to cover the problem instead of exposing it. So, it seems network and those people are selling Samsung phones changing the IMEI number and selling it on eBay.  Otherwise, why does customer service refuses to give a state forward answer? 

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To be Frank it's hardly Samsungs fault that you decided to buy a phone from ebay which I assume was due to a good price and then you find out it has issues such as a cloned imei.

My advice is to go through only reputable sources when buying such expensive phone's. 

My thoughts are selling sites such as ebay have way too many phone's that have issues with them from clones,  wrong imei numbers and phone's that get imei blocked due to insurance fraud.

Samsung won't apply the warranty to a phone that has the issues you say yours has.

You don't mention how long you've owned the phone.

What is wrong with the phone that needs help with as we maybe able to advise ?

My advice is to raise a dispute with eBay and if you paid by PayPal raise a dispute that way too depending on how long you've owned the phone.

If Samsung can't help then perhaps a reputable Highstreet Store that repairs phone's can.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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