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Note 20 Ultra max zoom

(Topic created on: 01-04-2024 06:35 PM)

Dear Samsung, you know how much I love your phones and how I sticked with Samsung about 10 years now, because I frankly believe your phones are the best. I admit I slipped for short periods of time, but the longest time it was your phones I have been buying, brand new, except probably one, long time ago.
This being said, I am sure the max Zoom pictures on the Note 20 Ultra, didn't use to look like this, and my phone did not suffer any fatal fall or any fall at all, especially recently. I am sure this is from one of the updates. I thank you very much for the nice updates I got on this phone in the past couple of months, and while is an old and discontinued phone, it's still top notch and I am sure many people still love it, I among them.
Please fix this crippled zoom. It's a shame it looks like this now.
Every time I use it nowadays only one thought come to my mind and it sounds like this: 'Seriously???'

Please fix whatever is wrong this this maximum zoom on the Note 20 Ultra. It's unusable at the moment. 

Thank you.