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Note 10+ screen broken

(Topic created on: 02-02-2020 01:01 AM)
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This is a rant about how my note 10+  screen has developed a crack in the screen and became utterly useless from sitting in my pocket. I know I am not the only one who has experienced this new phone being too fragile to sit within the pants pocket as I have already seen a few other posts with the same issue. Like many of the other posts, I have not dropped my phone, abused it, or mistreated it. Merely sitting in my pocket as I went about my day caused a simple crack on the side of the phone, which then quickly led to the entire screen becoming completely useless. With my phone company's (Verizon) insurance (Asurion) policy, I had to pay $200 to get a replacement. I have not even paid $200 off the payment plan yet, and still, I had to pay to fix a phone that should not have broken. In today's day in age, Samsung, you all should be producing phones that can actually take a beating rather than breaking inside a pants pocket.

Thank you for attending my rant talk

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No your right you are not alone with this issue @AndrewLeif


There are threads here on this forum and on other foruns from people who are experiencing similar to yours.


The unfortunate thing is this can look like accidental damage which isn't covered under the manufacturer warranty, thus making it nigh impossible for Samsung or the Networks who may have provided the phone to determine on an individual case by case basis if this was a result of user damage or an anomaly in the phones screen.


When a phone is in someone's trouser pockets etc then even if the pocket is loose i.e not denims then this can cause various stresses on the phone especially when a person is sitting or bending. I'm not saying a person shouldnt be able to put a phone in their pants pocket.


Maybe it's the curved edges I don't know ! 


Personally I put my phone in a Pda vertical holster with belt clip as I find this easier for my preferences and stops dirt and lint getting in to the phones ports and as its outside of my pockets there's less likely.for this to put any stress on the phone .


I'm in the UK and have House Contents Insurance which covers my phone. I would need to pay an claim excess fee of £100 or $132 in your currency.


Sometimes insurance provided by a Network can be more expensive in my opinion.



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