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Note 10+ Gallery not syncing to samsung cloud or one drive

(Topic created on: 05-04-2020 09:43 AM)

Any advice would be appreciated,  thanks.


Since January my phone hasnt saved any photos from Gallery to samsung Cloud, i read somewhere that they were all going to sync to one drive now so been trying this but for 3 months now and just says can't sync.  I'm at a loss, i do think there is an issue with this and it's not just me.  Tried to contact Samsung but got a message about covid 19.


Also i keep getting emails saying because cloud hasnt veen used in 12 months it or data will be deleted but i do use it.



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I've taken a look at my Note 10 @Moi174 and in the Cloud section my phone is definitely backing up my photos from my gallery to cloud.


Can you re check all your sync settings please.


I'm quite happy to screenshot any of my sync settings if you need to view how my phone is set up.


An extreme option would be to back up and factory reset and then see what happens.


Personally I also auto back up my photos to Dropbox too.


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Hi thanks for your reply I think it a because it's a note 10+.  I did a live chat with someone from samsung the other day and they didnt seem to have a clue the chat just disappeared after 2 hours and trying standard things that didnt help. i do know it's an issue as found it when i searched it but not found a solution. When you go into gallery settings and sync it gives you option ti sync with one drive, that's it, so you sync, ut comes up as synced but no photos goninto the one drive.   I've tried unlinking samsung gallery/cloud and one drive but when you do this your left with no sync option.  I've also tried clearing caches, deleting and reinstalling my samsung account etc20200416_092016.jpg


Screenshot_20200416-091002_Samsung Cloud.jpg




Screenshot_20200416-091151_Samsung Cloud.jpg


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I have exactly same problem. I had my last successfull sync in march 2020 and one in May but thats it. No more syncs for a good 3-4 months now.


I come from dropbox that worked very good but wanted to use onedrive since I already pay for it, but I guess its not e very good integration with samsung yet.


Anyone have a solution?