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Lack of durability

(Topic created on: 03-03-2023 04:16 AM)

Samsung, I honestly thought you would be better than to release a phone in this state.

I have here the Samsung galaxy note ten plus. I had it a couple weeks, then I placed it gently down, and the back cracked. Now, a few weeks later, that crack has followed the curve of the pointless curved screen that causes nothing but problems and false inputs to the screen, and now that crack has travelled all the way to the front, and I am now afraid to put my phone in my pocket.

Do you really think I'm going to be buying a Samsung phone next time? The answer is certainly a no from me.

After my experience with this one, I doubt I'll ever buy a samsung phone again, so I guess now your business model relies on selling to first-time customers only.

Please can someone at samsung explain one possible benfit of having a curved screen, that mitigates the fact that even the slightest crack to the microns thick case on the back of the phone will certainly make its way to the front, and in addition to that, the end consumer needing to download additional, third party software, just to stop the false inputs when holding the phone normally?

I truly don't understand what you were thinking. The only thing I thought you thinking was "if we make the phones as durable as microns-thick sugar glass, people will want to replace their phones, and they'll probably be dumb enough to buy a Samsung when their last one was an overly-priced, and costly-to-repair steaming pile of poop"

Another thing about this pile of poop phone, it can't even get a signal, even though a brick phone with only 2g connection can get a signal in the same spot and on the same network. Text messages don't come through for like ten minutes, and sometimes, not until the phone is restarted entirely.

This is my message to you, Samsung..... Consumers aren't as stupid as you think they are. I've never bought an apple product because all I've seen is apple releasing faulty products, wiuth seemingly deliberate design flaws. Now it looks like you intend to do the same, I won't be buying anything from you. You're wasting global resources, and causing a massive problem for a world that already has too many, by alloqing phones like this to exist. Get rid of the curved screen, and make thje phone actually work as a phone, you, give it a signal that suggests it's connected to a better network than 2g, not an inferior network. This is a 5g phoine, and my 2g phone outperforms it in every single location I've tried.

You've already lost me as a customer, I won't be returning, but I recommend you try to treat your existing and future customers like the treasures they are, not like cash cows, for you to push expensive piles of ***** onto, that break in less than a month, and you can't make a call from, and texts often arrive 10 minutes, to 24 hours later. You need to do better, or people are going to start noticing.



Buy Apple then and you can't go wrong.

Apple are just as bad. I won't go too much into that though, as this was a post about a Samsung phone.

Will your phone operate normally when connected to a monitor? This may not be your intended primary use of the phone, but if it works in this way, you can have as a substitute computer. The Note 10 Plus is powerful enough to do a lot of things.