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Galaxy Note 10+ 5G April 2020 Update - Bugs and Bloatware Apps

(Topic created on: 07-04-2020 10:48 AM)

I live in the UK and was prompted to update my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5g OTA last night and have started noticing bugs. I've attempted to forward this information to Samsung but not sure if that'll be dealt with due to co-vid19.


The file was 1754.14Mb. 


There's a bug with the wallpaper after exiting YouTube or other video-like/ landscape apps after the update.


They also should have kept the fingerprint animation if you ask me.


Not sure if the latest update was thoroughly looked over, but I'm suspecting more.


Has anyone else noticed anything odd after the latest update?





How the wall paper is meant to lookHow the wall paper is meant to look


After hitting the home button, closing YouTube.After hitting the home button, closing YouTube.


Update File 1Update File 1


Update File 2Update File 2



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Hi @AnthonyT11 


I updated my Samsung Note 10+ 5g a few days ago and yes the Samsung One Ui 2.1 has introduced some new features and renamed apps and new apps.


There is a new app AR Zone which is renamed to bring the AR stuff into one place.


And Yes that part of Bixby has been renamed.


We also now have focus mode and music share and quick share in the pull down notification shade.


These are integrated into the One Ui 2.1 part of the update.


Some apps can't be uninstalled via the phone but might be able to be via a package uninstaller via the Playstore but be very careful as performing this can unstabilise the phone.


I'd suggest to force stop in Settings , Apps, pick the app you don't want, force stop.


If you sent the bug report via the Samsung Members App then it will get to Samsung but it may take more time than usual for them to respond probably due to staffing levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Personally I won't be using some of the new additions via the update myself but there not affecting the phone and if you wish these apps can be put in the new Super deep sleep option so they'll never run unless you open them and then when you close them they'll continue not to run in the background when put in super deep sleep.


In regards to YouTube.


if I watch a video without pressing the icon to open the video to landscape mode and go back to the honescreen my wallpaper stays the same.


And if I do press the YouTube icon to go to landscape and then go back to the homescreen my wallpaper still stays the same as the screen automatically rotates to portrait. 


My Wallpaper how it should look.My Wallpaper how it should look.


My wallpaper after coming straight back to the Homescreen.My wallpaper after coming straight back to the Homescreen.



The only difference between my phone and yours is that I use gestures instead of the navigation bar but that shouldn't cause a difference as it's  pretty much the same process.



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Hi @BandOfBrothers


Thank you for getting back to me over the issues I've been having with the latest Samsung update. Your reply was very informative, and deeply appreciated. It does answer questions I've had regarding 'new' apps appearing in my apps list (previously renamed).


Not been a fan of AR apps or Bixby, so I may actually take up your suggestion to install a package uninstaller via the PlayStore (at my own risk, obviously). I think I'll likely just uninstall the Samsung Kids Installer app, one of the AR apps and possibly Google bloatware apps that I never use.


I did notice under the Device Care App, a new option for Deep Sleep has been added. I've been using that with apps that I don't want running in the background. I generally kept on top of things, even before the update, and sorted through my apps into apps I want running, apps I don't mind running (Standby), and apps I definitely do not want running. Doing this on apps such as Bixby Routine and Shazam I did notice disabled their retrospective options on the Quick Tool Settings in the notification bar, so I reverted them into my Standby list. Just something I noticed, although not uninstaller, I understand completely when you say 'be very careful as performing this can unstabilise the phone.'


I have reported the bug via the Samsung Member App but ended up receiving a generic message shortly afterwards. *Screenshot below*


In regards to YouTube,


My autorotate setting in my notifications menu is constantly on Portrait. I've force stopped and deleted Data and Cache from the YouTube app.


After opening it, and watching a clip using the fullscreen option on the app itself (not the OS popup icon) after exitting the app, my wallpaper doesn't come out right. (You might have to open and close YouTube on fullscreen and exit it as I have below).


I also have gestures enabled (when I pull up from the middle of the phone screen, I go back to my Homescreen).


Nevertheless, I appreciate and thank you for the time you've spent helping me out. Let's hope Samsung puts out an fix soon.


Hope you're looking after yourself :smiling-face:


My HomescreenMy Homescreen


After opening the YouTube appAfter opening the YouTube app


Opening the first video I see, and then pressing the full screen option (next to 13:31 video runtime))Opening the first video I see, and then pressing the full screen option (next to 13:31 video runtime))


I've now in full screen, skipped forward a little bit, while my handset is being held in landscapeI've now in full screen, skipped forward a little bit, while my handset is being held in landscape


Screenshot_20200408-095220_One UI Home.jpg

I've just swiped up from the middle of my screen to gesture my home button and now my wallpaper looks like trash. If yours doesn't, try it again 2-3 more times.


Screenshot_20200408-095314_Samsung Members.jpg


Big Cheese

I've got finger print recognition issues since update , have redone all of them but still have unlock issues and WhatsApp finger print unlock too . Also galaxy buds + connect , bleep in my ear then disconnect straight away ! Have to manually connect them in wearable app , doesn't happen with my powerbeats Pro? 

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Big Cheese

This really works , gonna try it on my Tab S6 ......

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5g
Samsung Tab S6 Lte 256gb
Samsung Galaxy Watch

i have some issues, 1st some apps keep freezing 2nd when you play youtube trying to read the comments i pull comments down when my finger on screen it start going up again 3rd on facebook app it doesnt show peoples names some pictures, i have to click on person or picture to start works normal 4th when i make calls its not connecting keeps dialing, i have to close all apps then make a call. I never experience this issues before april update.


I have now 2 chevrons at the bottom centre of my screen which swipe up and open my notifications. The chevrons dont appear to be able to be removed and are now very frustrating when trying to take pics of select certain tabs! Ive searched for a solution but cant find one yet and this is only since the one ui 2.1 update (UK)




There's a new update in the Galaxy Store which may fix your wallpaper problem. 


Screenshot_20200418-080747_Galaxy Store.jpg


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