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Future of my SD cards

(Topic created on: 29-01-2023 11:50 PM)
September 2020. I unboxed what felt like the future to me - my Note 20 Ultra. Exynos 990 and power management was a real let down though which I noticed from just a few hours of use. I still liked it as I do now. 

January 2021, and SD cards are no more in Samsung's flagships. 

If there was one reason why I switched from iPhone to Samsung was because of the SD card slot. I quickly became addicted to them. My Note 20 Ultra - which I soon named 'Induction Hob' because its electronic and overheats lots ‐ is almost 2.5 years old and with the battery health at around 85% (according to the Accubattery app), it seems that it'll have to be replaced within 2 years time. 


Is it best to slowly start backing everything up from the SD cards to a Microsoft account or to save SD card data onto my laptop every so often? I'm not a person who will happily pay a subscription, but what if my laptop breaks! Oh my goodness. What a hassle 😕

It's such a shame how Samsung isn't listening to consumers anymore. Its handy to have a small card, insert it, back data up, and transfer it onto a new device or just keep it safe. Gone are the days where DJ Koh admitted to making mistakes and brought back features (eg water resistance and SD card slot on the S7 despite it all being absent on the S6). 
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Alas I share a similar view. I moved from iPhone mainly for SD card as I didn't like apple railroading me. The second was removable battery, last seen in my Note 4.

My preorder of Note 7 blew up so stayed on older phone...with all updates and lack of support I was forced to upgrade to a Note 9 and had swollen battery issues. I paid a premium for my 20 Ultra instead of repairing my Note 9, the lack of removable battery was disappointing, the camera quality for anything other than static items is a disappointment but I put up and shut I am beholden to a further subscription for storage and backup, I work in Cloud technology and I DONT want my personal files on someone else's server.  If I upgrade to newer even more EXPENSIVE phones...Im being told how to use....Seriously ??????!

Using a 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro card, there is NO performance issue, including watching of any quality media stored on my SDcard.

I love the stylus but its not enough to keep me. Samsung fridge updated with advertising banners & suggestion pages that cant be disabled and over write all my preferences is terrible...turn on samsung TV they have removed a lot of features I used in lower models and now I get advertised banners in smart they take the phone and copy apples rail road approach.  

Lets not sugar coat it, this is a money grabbing exercise...pure and simple. I have come to upgrade time and am not renewing with samsung models, I am going elsewhere (Maybe oneplus) and now as any tech comes up for upgrade or replacement, i'm not paying a premium anymore for less customisable tech that is used to advertise to me when ever I use it.

Bye from Decade Long Customer 

You should've got that Note 9 fixed. I saw them phones at IFA 2018 and they were incredible. The design, features, and quality was perfect. I really wish I got that instead of waiting 2 years for the Note 20 Ultra. I'm not really bothered with the S Pen since my Tab S8 has it, but a jump to a non ultra phone would seem like a downgrade to be honest. The Note 20 Ultra has been a real let down. Exynos 990, and terrible power management. I'm glad you mentioned the camera issue. The camera quality is a disaster - sometimes at 30fps, it slows down to around 2 or 3fps for some reason. Is that you switching back to iPhone then? Completely understandable because Samsung has gone downhill in the past few years.

I'll never forget the 1TB Note 9 advertisements. Never because 2 years later, the SD card slot dissappeared from flagships lol