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Fed up being Samsung's step child

(Topic created on: 04-10-2021 09:15 AM)
Why are Samsung UK customer’s treated differently when it comes to flagship smartphones. 
My Note 20 ultra has the Exynos 990 yet the rest of the world gets the Snapdragon 865+ which has been proven to be aa better chipset, yet I'm paying the same price which to me is the same as buying say a BMW M3 & getting 100hp less than the rest of the world.
Now we're getting treated differently again when it comes to the android 12 beta software, again us stepchildren are getting the hand me down items that when the rest of the world are finished or just fed up with it we will get our hands on it......
Rant over sorry Dad.......

I do feel your pain and yes it sure feels that way. I had the note 20 ultra 5g and sorry to say, that phone feels like a brick, the phone lags and mine was terrible with the Exynos 990 chip set. Sometimes it gets so heated up you could roast/grill a chicken on it. The screen time was terrible, can't get through half a day with it, I am talking about getting up to 12hrs even in idle mode/battery saving mode. Sent it for repairs and it took Samsung a whole month plus two weeks to fix it. All they did was wipe everything off the phone, held the phone hostage for 6 weeks without any remarkable change in performance of the device.
Kudos Samsung for making us in the UK not worthy of same value for money as those in the US when it comes your flagship phones.. 👏 👏
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It is basically due to a Business deal Samsung done with qualcomm  which allows them to sell their devices in the US.   see some  more information here  They use Exynos  in many markets though which does increase their bargaining power.   Realise Snapdragon processors have generally been  regarded as superior, however tests showed that the Exynos  2100 processor was  much improved and similar to Snapdragon 888 (with S21 Ultra)   in terms of CPU power. 

Whilst di not have definite details Samsung expected to use the Snapdragon for the S22 series in more markets but likely not Europe 

Realise some customers will be disappointed they did not have access to the first Android 12 Beta but it cannot be offered to everyone,by their nature Betas are limited.  Uk customers are expected to be able test the 2nd one.



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I couldn't care less about the beta program. If you go on Reddit, it's full of complaints and users wishing they never installed the beta. Just wait for the official release. Even then, there won't be much of a difference from Android 11.