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Battery life

(Topic created on: 11-04-2021 08:48 PM)
I only get around 5 hours of screen time or 6 if I'm lucky with 100% charge used which for a very expensive phone I don't think is sufficient, even though I use 120Hz refresh rate. Does anyone know any settings I should change or any bixby routines I should use. I got the phone in November and its battery life has been the same.
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Here is what I do on mine @mystican03 


  • Dark Mode.
  • Screen time out to 2 minutes.
  • Screen Brightness set to just under 50%
  • Some apps set to Sleep.
  • Some apps set to Deep Sleep. 

Battery Usage times / sot is a subjective topic as we all set up our phone's differently.

We use different apps.

We use different app settings.

We use different settings and phone features.

We use our phone's differently to each other.

Our phone's network signal strength are different.

Look in your Battery Usage Stats after a full Usage cycle to see what's using your phone's battery.

I prefer not to turn off features on my phone's which I deem useful to save some Battery.

My phone easily gives me a day's Usage and can go into the following day without charging if I wish.

I've found that the Snapdragon version is better Optomised than the Exynos version.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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