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Wi-Fi calling is not working on my a20 phone

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 09:35 AM)
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I live in a apartment with *****y phone reception. I bought a Samsung phone because it was on the list of phones that work with my carrier 4 Wi-Fi calling. However there is no way to turn the mobile network off and just use Wi-Fi. I tried it with airplane mode and it wouldn't like let me make a call. I had it shoes only 2G so that it would turn off the mobile network that way, and it told me to turn the mobile network on or turn on my Wi-Fi network, even though my Wi-Fi network was already on. I don't know how it is in other places but here in Sweden, they make it so you can't turn a piece of s*** phone back in at the store and you're stuck with it. Has anyone come up with a solution to this? I downloaded Samsung GSM then selector but that did not work. This is completely maddening. Why would you make a Wi-Fi calling service that constantly chooses the mobile data network? Isn't that the whole point? Who is the ***** who designed this?

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I'm understanding your frustration, How much you are in anger by seeing this same as I am facing the issue when I was go to gym and see the Dumbbell but let me explain you one thing, 


i'l also a Glaxy A 20 user but i have not faced any issue related to this but i have notice one of my friend is also facing this issue. This issue is only because you have to connect with a secure data connection rather than any share network. 

Just try it and you will see results accordingly.

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Hi @KatherineHernandez18 


There should be no reason for a network to restrict a phone to not be able to turn off Mobile Data as far as I can see.

If you pull down to show your toggles you should see the Mobile Data toggle.

Something similar to mine here.

Screenshot_20210424-053633_Samsung Internet.jpg

Or go into Settings, Connections,  Data Usage and toggle Off Mobile Data there.

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