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Which should I choose? A34 5G or the older A53 5G?

(Topic created on: 25-04-2023 05:01 PM)
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Hi all, I am hoping to buy one of these Samsung phones; I like the idea of the A34 as it's newer, but the A53 seems to be slightly better on all the reviews I've seen so I thought I'd ask if there were any opinions on here?

I had an A33 but have returned that as the lack of notifications popping up on the lock screen was driving me insane and I was forever missing messages from people. I have checked and both the A34 and A53 models have "always on display" and also offer "detailed" notifications on the lock screen which is what I want (I've moved over from iPhones!)

Thanks for any info.!


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Hi @juliejoo  of the two I think the A34 is actually the better choice, though the advantage may not be  of great significance.    The A34 seems to have  better specifications in  terms of performance  and peak screen brightness.   it has also has better battery life and the latest Bluetooth version.  some detail in this article though  reviews can be subjective . 

For the A series the A54 is superior but more expensive.   Some detail here 

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Well The A53 is a much powerful phone Like Processor And Graphics And RAM much upgraded. Well The A34 The Sepcs are not high end and not the best phone for powerful gaming like Much Graphics Games. But Il say they both great phones. If you want receive more Android Update And Security Updates, I should recommend you the latest phone which is the a34. But if you want more powerful device. Got to A53. The Diferent is not very noticeable. But I will recommend you for A34 for an extra Year support and Longer Security updates. I hope that should answers your question! Let me know for any further questions!
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I have used the A53 since June last year with no issues, a great phone with long battery life and updates to Android 16 and security patches till 2027.
My advice would be to go back to iphone lol , honestly iv a A52s5g and constantly hav problems with notifications ,, Sometimes they work,,,then they don't ,,,then they work with no sound ,,and then u get the sound but you can't see it! awe drives me nuts.. LAST samsung ill ever hav..