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Warranty lie

(Topic created on: 07-06-2022 09:12 AM)
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A series 52s bought 3 months ago.   Sent back to samsung 3 times during this period with same issue.  After a couple of weeks phone is not audible for any conversations that  last more than 2 minutes .  

Samsung have replaced a flexible connector on two occasions.  Stating it is repaired.  Today my phone was returned with no repair stating no issues.  

Samsung believe that as a customer I am expected to factory reset my phone every couple of weeks to ensure the sound quality is optimum.   Livid does not come close to how I am feeling right now.  

The poorest of customer services I have ever received despite being a loyal samsung customer all of my adult life. 

I will never purchase Samsung ever again and will advise all my friends family and colleagues to avoid at all costs especially to never purchase direct from samsung.  

Can anyone offer advice on how I can get around their fraudulent warranty claims?  I did purchase the phone via a credit card so am looking into them attempting to recoup my waisted expenditure. Such a shame as I did like the phone when it worked.....


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Should the credit card route not work,small claims court. Really they should replace the phone if they haven't fixed it after 3 attempts. Expecting you to factory reset frequently to work around the issue is not an acceptable solution. What happens if you need it in an emergency? You'd be screwed, so it's a safety issue too really
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Hi @Ex-fan 


You've certainly experienced some very real issues with your phone. 😞

You do have consumer rights in the UK.

Have a read of Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 


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