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The new smarphone: the contacts are new, but the old ones still appear in the conversation

(Topic created on: 28-02-2024 07:02 PM)
First Poster

three months ago I transferred my contacts from my old Samsung phone to my new one. I gave the old one to my mother to use. I deleted my account on the old phone, I think I even managed to factory reset the phone (I'm not sure though). I have reviewed all messages/conversations (SMS), all contacts. Everything looked wiped out.
Then I inserted the sim card and signed in with my mother's account. The contacts were on the SIM card and I downloaded them, one or two are entered manually.
When I wanted to try to send an SMS message in "conversations", I clicked on the small cloud icone, and then my old contacts appeared.

If I touch the contact icon, I can't delete it, I could only delete the conversation, but the old conversations are already deleted, and of course I don't want to create new ones.

Again: if I go and click on the contacts icon, my old contacts do not appear there, I can see only my mother's contacts from the SIM card.
What can I do where the links are hiding to delete them?

I deleted my old account from the old phone. Even if I may have just removed it because I may have been afraid of closing the account I now have on the new phone, did I still keep the connection? Where could be my addresses stored in google account??