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The A50 is a buggy plastic toy and Samsung never cared.

(Topic created on: 11-12-2020 06:47 AM)
Galaxy A Series

Seriously. I've been having this steaming pile of useless technology for over a year now. Not that I also have to pay 70 bucks monthly for this monstrosity of bad quality and WiFi just so I get 12 gigs of mobile data, no, it also just doesn't work.


Worst thing is the WiFi. It never worked, literally never. My old phone was a fruit phone, and yeah it worked all the way through the garden and back. My A50? I can literally stand right in front of the router and the WiFi will just stop working. What's that? 100mbit/s? Nah dude, here take 2mbit/s, that's all I can do. My mom owns the same phone, same thing. It just doesn't work.


I've been checking, re-setting, even switched the phone at the shop, literally everything. It's just the worst performing plastic thing in existence. I can't even charge my phone in peace, because I may get important messages that I won't notice because the A50 doesn't care about WiFi. WiFi ain't important, it only works if you use mobile data. Who needs WiFi anyways? There's no need to fix this problem, am I right?


Seriously, this thing is a literal trash phone and it should've never released in this wacky form. It looks nice, the display is nice, but why would I use it if it can't even get the WiFi to work? And I just wanna note - I've seriously tried everything. Disabling literally every energy saving settings, power settings, standby settings, restored settings, did a fresh re-install of the phone, I even went to my router and tried 5ghz/2.4ghz in split up WiFi modes, installed custom firmwares on my router, JUST for this plastic toy of greed. Did anything help? No. Literally every other phone works, every friends phone works, my old phone worked, what can I say?

The A50 is a joke. It's not a new phone anymore, but it's useless. Don't buy it, you'll regret it, even if the flashy display gets your attention at first. And the worst part is that literally no one can help, the phone is just that bad.

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Sorry to learn of your issues with this phone.


It's a shame it wasn't swapped out or changed for a different model within any relevant Cooling Off Period @SamyAr22 


Have you considered selling this phone and then using the cash to buy another phone ?


I wish you all the best with this. 



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