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Samsung S42 5G

(Topic created on: 21-06-2022 05:34 AM)

Was wondering if anyone can give me some help I had this Samsung A42 mobile about 1 year ish it was a replacement for my Sony Xperia xz , during speedtests on my home WiFi I only get about half of my speed which I get 600mb so get under 300mb and 42 mb upload I had the Virgin Media engineers come he shows me that he gets over 600mb on a speedtest on his mobile , my old Sony Xperia also got 600mb ish on WiFi but this mobile doesn't is this down to a ***** mobile etc I did check the specs when I changed over mobiles and was the same or maybe its Samsungs problem if anyone else has a problem let me know

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Hi @RobKing 


Is connecting to the Internet using your Home Wi-Fi connection unusable ?

Some phone's prefer 2.4gzh or 5ghz so if you can split the frequencies in your Home Broadband Router do so and forget the network in your phone and reset up the connection and then connect to one and then the other to see what happens.

Your phone has a diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members App you could run.

I've also seen blogs where if a person turns on Developer Mode in their phone by going onto Settings,  About Phone,  Tap Software Information, Build Number and tapping on the build number 7 times, come out of the settings screen and then go back in and developer mode will show and they have turned On certain settings and this has improved Wi-Fi,  however be careful. Google Search this.

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