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Samsung pass

(Topic created on: 12-03-2021 06:33 PM)
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Good evening,  i currently have a s8 and have recently purchased a A71 . I need a lot of passwords for work so have always used Samsung pass via eye recognition.  Unfortunately the A71 doesn't use this function and only uses face recognition or fingerprint ( mostly only lets you use fingerprint). I work in a manual labour job so my fingerprints get damaged a lot and don't work . Because of this i can't access my apps . I have currently went back to the s8 , is there any way around this so i can use the A71. Thanks.


@Natpen55: In the absence of an Iris Scanner on the A71 the nearest option would be Facial Recognition, as both provide a quick unlock method with minimal button presses, although I do appreciate that this is a low security option. If you're not keen, I'd recommend heading to Settings > Lock Screen > Smart Lock, and setting up a trusted location or device to unlock your phone when you're nearby. I hope this helps. 

you can turn on the ability to use face recognition within the app you want to use it on, not all apps support this yet, but while fingerprint biometrics is turned on by default, face recognition ( if it's available ) is often turned off by default. if this is working for you have a look in the Settings of each app you use often. Or... if you are based in one location for long periods of time, as above, Smart Lock is your best option. you can also have "On Body Detection", keeping your phone unlocked in your pocket etc, although I am not completely sure that the A71 supports this, this is also within Smart Lock.