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Samsung Notes update deleted text from memo

(Topic created on: 06-09-2020 08:14 AM)
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Galaxy A Series

Hi. I use a Galaxy A20e. I've lost a large chunk of text from a very long Samsung Notes memo, following an auto update to the app. After the update the system asked if I wanted to convert the memo to run in the updated app (when I opened it). I approved this but found a lot of text had been lost, from about two thirds into the memo. I guess the update has reduced the memo to the maximum length allowed by the new version of this app, but is there a way of retrieving this please - perhaps by locating an older saved version of this memo (in the phone's memory or cache)?? I unfortunately don't have these notes backed up in the cloud. Very frustrating! Thanks very much.

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Galaxy A Series

i have a galaxy S7 and have the exact problem since this auto update of memo app to Samsung Notes.  


In the Samsung Cloud I am seeing the missing notes under Memo, but this is in the section Data from Discontinued Apps... and still have not figured how to access that file from either Samsung Cloud or the actual phone if the files are still on there somewhere?