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Samsung Galaxy A70 not charging

(Topic created on: 15-11-2022 06:27 AM)
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My Samsung A70 doesn't want to charge at the moment. The last time the charge worked was the previous day. Sometimes it happens to me that my phone suddenly does not charge, in these cases I took it to show it to a phone repair in the city, but when the technician tried to get it to charge it worked, but when I tried it at home no. I also went to the technician again, this time he tried to load it and at first it didn't work, after other attempts he started to load and after trying mine it worked again. I don't think it's the charger that creates problems but the phone, since I tried to charge it with various chargers. What I was also told by the technician is that I have a fast charger that my phone can't stand since this charger is supposed to be for the Samsung S series (S10,S20 etc...). The model is EP-TA800 and googled it and found that it charges at 25W, and googled it again it says my phone supports 25W. Now I don't understand where the problem is it doesn't want to load again so I try to wait a bit to see if it loads again later. I also noticed one thing, that when I turned it off and then put it on charge (it gave me no sign that it was charging) and then on again, I found that the battery had increased. Could it be that it loads without showing me? Or could it be that my current charger is harming the phone? If you have had similar experiences let me know if there is a solution

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Samsung would advise to use the appropriate official Samsung Charging Brick and cable that's meant for the phone.

This should ensure it charges as it should and keep it safe whilst doing so.

I assume no water has managed to work it's way inside the port and there's been no accidental bump.

I'd also suggest to use a torch to check inside the phone's charging port just to ensure there's no debris in there.

I would also suggest to use an official Samsung Service Centre for support.

The phone has an inbuilt diagnostic tool in the Samsung Members App which is worth running.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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I suggest you get an adaptive fast charging cable provided by Samsung, which will charge to your phone's limit. I'm not really an expert, this is all I can say.