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Samsung Galaxy A53 can't connect to mesh wifi (TP-Link Deco X60)

(Topic created on: 05-09-2022 07:40 PM)

Samsung Galaxy A53 is not able to connect to TP-Link Deco X60 mesh wifi. Connecting to the wifi fails most of the time and when it finally succeeds it soon disconnects again. I have tried resetting Galaxy A53 network settings and even hard resetting the phone. Those measures didn't solve the problem. I also got a replacement phone but still the same problem occurs. We have two other Samsung phones and multiple other devices connected to the same mesh wifi without any problems. Galaxy A53 is the only one that fails to connect.

I have tried to solve this problem with TP-Link and they have acknowledged the problem. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to fix it and now they are leaning towards this being Samsung's problem, not theirs. Maybe a problem with latest Exynos chips. You can also find discussion about the problem here:

New Samsung A53 can't connect stable to Wifi on Deco X60, connection keeps dropping - Home Network C...

It seems that the problem is with 5 GHz wifi with safety encrypion enabled. If any kind of safety encryption is enabled on the wifi when 5 GHz is also enabled, A53 is not able to connect to it. As soon as I disable safety encryption, connection becomes stable. Also disabling 5 GHz removes the problem. Sadly, neither of these are a permanent solution to the problem. I also noticed that A53 is able to connect to the mesh wifi's main router. Wifi connection is stable near the main Deco but connection fails as soon as A53 moves nearer one of the two slave Decos.

I really hope Samsung can fix this soon! A few weeks ago I posted about this problem to the US Samsung Community but for some reason that post got deleted without any answer from Samsung. I know this is a wide spread problem as you can see from the TP-Link forum discussion (the link above). Hopefully Samsung isn't trying to wipe this under the rug.

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The most efficient solution is skip TPLink router. I changed to Asus router and this is no longer bothering me. 


Dear Ddlc

I just also installed the latest firmware on my DECO X60. And I also installed the latest Samsung-updates 1 day ago. But on my side, our 2 Samsung A53 cannot be connected via WiFi. Fist message "connection is not possible". After few seconds, the WiFi looks good. But few seconds later, the WiFi-connection gets lost. It tries to reconnect, but not working.