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Samsung Galaxy A 51 issues

(Topic created on: 20/05/20 04:59)
Galaxy A Series

Hi!!! I have just bought my second Samsung galaxy a51 since i decided to return my old one due to fast battery drain. However, in the case of the new one the battery is even worst. Both phones come from Taiwan apparently ( is the Taiwanese version, 6gb ram). I am in Australia so i don't understand this, since i had to buy the original Samsung charger because the version was foreign. Before choosing this phone i checked different review and everyone said the battery is good, that can last for 1 day, but is not my case, it only lasts 12 hours. In fact during the night battery can lose up to 15% in batery save mode. The phone links this battery usage with google play services amd google app. I would like to know if someone is having similar issues or is only the Taiwanese version that is problematic, or of you could fix similar problems.

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy A Series

Hi @Martin97 


Battery life and screen on time is a subjective topic as we all have our phones set up differently @Martin97 


Take into account that with a brand new phone it will still be learning your usage and the battery isn't fully optomised until its been recharged and discharged a few times.


Regarding Google Play Services if you check out YouTube and a Google Search you'll find tips on what you can do in your settings etc to try and curb battery usage.


Personally I prefer to buy my Samsung phones direct from Samsung in my own country.


On a side note > Importing a phone from another country to use in your own or buying a Samsung phone from a reseller as they tend to source phones from all over  can bring about other issues such as very slow or non existent software and Security Patch updates.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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