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Samsung are a joke

(Topic created on: 30-09-2020 03:58 PM)
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My son got an A51 from amazon just 35 after getting it it stops working. Can’t send it back to amazon as it’s out side there 28 days return policy. 
so ring up Samsung told to take it to service centre got to shop they are as about as useful as an chocolate ash tray can’t help so ring up Samsung again. 
told to make wefix appointment did so only for wefix to cancel on me 12 hour’s before there are due to come. Make new appointment for one week later man comes can’t fix it needs new motherboard. 
Comes back week later still can’t fix it I’m not happy by now told he will come back later in the week to try again. Next it he’s here with 4new motherboards still no go on fixing phone told me it was unfix able customers service will ring me later that day. So 3 days later I’m ringing them told they know nothing about it I’m getting a little bit p-off by now.  
so ring up wefix get ref-number and ring back ok Samsung say someone will ring me back in 3days 5 days later I’m ringing up again this time I’m promised customers service manger will ring back in less than 3 days and have this promised in an email. Will here I am ringing Samsung again 4 days later been waiting on phone for 30+minutes now and it’s only 4pm so the office is still open so they say. 
Can’t get through to head office phone just rings Samsung are quick enough to take your money but don’t care about there customers never buying Samsung again. 

willing to bet Samsung will never get back to me through this email 

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I have that phone and it works perfectly I got it straight from Samsung u got it from amazon it might of been messed up during shipping
Big Cheese
It's best if u contact the seller on amazon and tell them the problem your facing and see if they have an solutions for ur problem and what advice they can give you.
The only thing I can say is and please forgive me, buying a phone from Amazon is well dodgy to say the least. It sounds to me as if that phone you purchased from Amazon has already been tampered with in someway, hence the technician trying 'four motherboards.' It's clearly an Amazon issue and I am surprised Samsung even offered you the services they have so far. Amazon, Ebay I never buy tech from them at all it's buyer beware, may be cheap but you don't quite know what you are getting, it could be a Pandora box of problems as you have experienced. Raise it with Amazon don't go direct to the stellar do it via Amazon that way you have some legal protection should Amazon come back to you for whatever reason and say you should of followed procedures on the I site. Then, please never buy tech from Amazon nor Ebay.. You don't know the product history. Very risky cheap comes with issues.