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Samsung account

(Topic created on: 30-07-2022 12:45 PM)
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Hi there. I had an issue with my samsung a31. It randomly restarted and got stuck on "Phone is starting screen" . I tried to fix this issue all through out the day yesterday and i did manage to fix it. However, I had to factory reset. When I tried to backup my phone data to my PC so I can restore it later, it didn't work. So I went along and decided that I do have a back-up on samsung cloud so I don't need to worry. After the factory reset, I setup my phone again and tried to log in to my samsung account with my password and retrieve my data, however, the password I put WAS correct. But the issue was that it sent an otp (one time pin) to my old Sim. Which I do not have anymore. So I basically lost all my data 
 I'm upset with this so I'm writing this here, hopefully someone can help. Is there a way to log In without 2fa? Or some other way I can get my data back from samsung cloud.
Thank you
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You should be able to reset your password as explained in > or you can ring Samsung to which the number is in the link. You may need to search for your own regions number if your not in the UK.

Seems the Samsung Account Team can also help with 2fa going from > Cannot-turn-off-my-samsung-account-2-step-verification. 

Unfortunately you cannot.


Can I turn off two-step verification?

No. To help keep your personal info safe and secure, Samsung now requires two-step verification for all accounts. Two-step verification can no longer be turned off. " 

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