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Samsung Account login screen gone wrong

(Topic created on: 08-04-2020 08:31 AM)
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I have a Galaxy A7. When I activate i.e. turn the screen on I am told I must login to my Samsung account. If I do I am then told to reset my password. To make matters worse even If I try to cancel this login screen or reset my password the login screen keeps over riding what ever I do; it just slides in from right stopping me from doing anything on my phone.


I seem to have three IDs (Can I get rid of the two earlier logins - email account I no longer have?). The latest of which I reset my passsword for three days ago. If I use my Windows 10 pc I can login to this ID with my new password. 


Why does this login screen insist it is the only thing I can do on my phone?


Any advice please?

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Hi @athegn1 


Usually a person can go into Settings then Accounts and Backup and accounts and tap on the Samsung Accounts and hit delete.


If not then I suggest getting in touch with the Samsung Accounts Team to see if they can help You can reach them on 0800 995 1079. 

If you're based outside the EU then please contact Samsung Support in your region.


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