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Samsung A80 camera video calls

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I bought recently A80 which is a nice phone, but i i ve one problem that I cant colve and didnt find solution for.


Whenever I receive a videocall the camera opens automatically immediately which when the device is in pocket or on table ... Etc and the camera gets stuck trying to open in pocket.


I wonder if there is a way around for this?

Why not only open the camera after answering instead ? Anyway to set default camera as back camera so it doesnt rotate?


Thank you.

@HachemRifai: Do you have a Bluetooth Headset connected to the A80? If so, please go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and Dexterity > Answering and Ending Calls > Automatic Answering > Off. While you're there, try enabling 'Press Volume Up To Answer', then utilise this option next time you receive a video call. Does the problem persist?



No i dont have a bluetooth headset connected.

This is an issue for me without any headset. Whenever i receive a video call the camera opens and get ready to answer using selfie mode.

I've been having this issue as well and so far no fix.

I am also facing the same issue. Camera automatically turns ON while someone trying to make a video call. 


Hi guys , 

I bought the same device recently ,

It seems there is no way we can stop the camera to auto pop up when you get a incoming video call  also this causes damage to you camera motors and phone's camera lens  , 

Well the solution I came up with is simple but temporary  that means you will have to repeat it when and if necessary , 

So go to app settings and revoke camera permission for what's app ,this might look 

Silly as you will have to re allow permission but trust me this will be optimum in saving your phone's camera while in pocket or a bag even when its kept on a table , you can do the same for all the apps that make your camera lens pop up automatically ..

Screenshot  as attached ..Screenshot_20200630-231605_Package installer.jpg

Hope this will help 

Thanks 😇

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I also have A80 phone and auto pop up during an incoming whatsapp video call is a huge issue. It should pop up only when you have accepted the call. I have started hating the phone because of this auto pop up problem. The design department of samsung must solve this issue by making changes in the software. They are supposed to be very intelligent people. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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