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Samsung A51 screen color issue


Sometimes in my Samsung A51 screen color changes and it becomes of different color tone after i unlock my phone through fingerprint unlock. again if i switch of scrren and switch on everything becomes normal. Why so? please assist


@Tsoupa do you know how to contact samsung about this issue? Due to lockdown servcie center are closed.

Yes lockdown is a problem. I am in Greece. But we are in Samsung community my friend. I hope someone who can fix it will take serious so many posts about this awful problem and send us an update that will make our screen colors true as before.

I dont know why any of the samsung member is not replying to this post... not expected from samsung

it is so sad that so many a51 remain with this awful color tone in their screens.
We lose the advantage of the good display due to a fail update of the Samsung. 🤬

Hi @CarlH, could you find a solution for this screen color problem that happened after the last update?
Thank you very much!

the same issue here. my brother's a51 that did not the update yes the screen color is perfect and mine is tragic after tha update that i did. it is awful. Samsung do u hear us?
did someone find a solution?

No it is not about the brightness, but about the quality of all colors in the screen. With the last update tha screen has low quality colors and another color tone and it cannot be undone. it is like something happened and the screen colors have a light faded tone and it is so irritating.

I have the same problem after the last update. 


Has anyone tried going to factory settings?? It is so grey and annoying!!! 

it is really unbelievable that there are so many exactly same cases of screen color problem and Samsung does not do anything. After the update my screen became AWFUL with grey faded low quality tone.
I think of to do factory reseting, too. Is there anyone that tried it?

It is so awful and grey and annoying. 


I also noticed this screen color change sometimes before this update, but only sometimes. For example, when someone wrote me a message during a phone call and similar. 


Please let us know if anyone has tried going to factory settings or contact Samsung on some email or something?? 

What should we do?? 

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