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Samsung A51 Cracked Screen Issues

(Topic created on: 03-10-2021 05:05 PM)
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Alright Peeps

I am having a few nightmares so I am really hoping that someone can help me please...  I have got a Samsung Galaxy A51 that I dropped and now the screen is completely cracked and nothing is being displayed on it, or even the touchscreen doesn't work.... After it was dropped I was still able to connect it to the laptop and was able to access the folder contents.  Which I copied over to the PC..

I have brought the same exact phone and re set it up with all the login details etc and have noticed that I have not go any of my phone contacts or messages which are still on the other phone....  

Now when I plug the old phone back into the computer it can not find it.  It tries and loads up the new phone information instead...


Also I have looked into buying a USB C HDMI adaptor to connect the old phone to an HDMI monitor or TV to access the screen and nothing works....  Is there any out that will work with these phones?? I know the phone still works, just not the display/touch at all.... 


A few days ago I was able to connect it to my pc access the folder that way

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Have you tried using any available back up made by your Samsung Cloud.

When initially setting up the phone there is an option to use the most recent back up @Members_pMmfpei 

You could also try Samsung Smartswitch via a cable or Wifi.

A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre might be able to help and or provide a costing to repair the phone so you then have restored access to that phone.

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